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July 16, 2015

Pop Art

Maxwell Paternoster creates vivid art that buzzes like nails on a chalkboard:   
Twister Biker doodles with an uncanny eye for the unwieldy. Boom box toting hound and a tank-dancing Bōsōzoku; the Japanese out-of-controllers who will wreak havoc in flashy style.

Zombie BSA rider one time all time member of the Corpses From Hell gang.

Tiger Triton tearaway on taught tee-shirt. Go Mr Tora! 

July 15, 2015

Hump Day

Hilts, stolen German bike, Swiss border….
Nuff said! Jump the Hump!

July 14, 2015


Neat little 1:24 scale model of Steve McQueen spluttering through the East German mud aboard his Tr6 #278.

July 13, 2015

Maybe Baby…

Hugh (the other) Laurie and co-star Joely Richardson as motorcycling couple in the 2000 film ‘Maybe Baby’. Rom-com shenanigans ‘n’ all that! Probably a good date movie…

 His ride: a Triumph Thunderbird. The triple stalwart of the resurgence of Hinckley Co. A sturdy and decent scoot….

One on the local Craigslist for $3600… Perfect for two-up! Bags, passenger backrest, screen…. Open road beckons … 

July 12, 2015

when character has be built enough…

Old motorcycles are great: they have character, every ride is an adventure, you learn a lot about mechanics, a deep connection to history, other riders always talk to you about your ride, kids wave from the backseat of cars, they sound like a deep resonant music, smell as a aged machine with miles under its tires, air through its feathers, you learn what your level of patience can be…

But…. A new Speed Triple would be just marvelous!

Marvelous! Push button, no nonsense twist ‘n’ ride….

Pennies accepted to fill the piggy bank!

July 11, 2015

Number One

When Willie G Davidson came to work as head designer in the early seventies he went about rebranding an already three quarters of a century old  company to make it #1. The U.S. Tank badge is iconic.

The other vee twin motorcycle that truly was number one is of course Vincent. Their gold Mercury heralding the wheels of speed. 


July 10, 2015

Some Assembly Required

Like a three dimensional jigsaw puzzle a collection of parts sits waiting for a spanner handed Triumph nut to cobble them together into its sum. 

July 9, 2015

Bonneville or Bust


In 1936 Joe Petrali set a new land speed record of 136.183 mph on a modified Harley-Davidson WL 61 cubic inch knucklehead. 

Today it was announced that our canny bloke Guy Martin is going to attempt a new motorcycle land speed record using a double engined Triumph Rocket streamlined ‘Lincolnshire Ceegar!” Over 1,000 bhp and over 4.6 liters. The team are hoping to reach 400mph.

“That’s proper fast that!”

July 8, 2015

Mods & Rockers Hawg Style

Brighton MA bound? Then watch out for a clash with the scooter lads and rocker kids….

July 7, 2015

Way Ahead

Just love these three-color screen print poster for the late fifties Harley Davidson range of motor’sickles’. Loose lively line work with simplistic onlookers waving arms and cheering on. The top frame model line up and title footer balance the overall page well. Sans serif bold font anchors the scripted ‘sound bite’ itself a precursor to Hondas “Meet the Nicest People” or Kawasakis “Let the Good Times Roll” slogan. Ad men were having fun then….

July 6, 2015


My favorite Harley is the mid thirties 61c.i. Overhead valve E or EL models offering sporty 1000cc of engine in a beautiful machine. Engineering detail which epitomized the technology of its day.  

The very distinctive valve covers give the bike its unofficial name looking like a clenched knuckle.

A period article extols the virtues of the good oil supply used to cool these power thirsty engines.

July 5, 2015

Hog Wild

We  had a day out to Milwaukee… Finally went to the Harley Davison Museum. 

I static test rode a Fat Boy: comfy saddle and fairly slick operation. The wind-blown effect was an (appropriately orange) fan. 

Early grey fellows commenced a yearly procession of models. Basically bicycles with engines in ’em! 

 A wall of engines: flathead, knuckle, pan, evo… Even the BMW-like flat twin for desert warfare. The rorting sounds could be conjured at the press on an interaction screen. 

One view was a complete motorcycle…

Another its component parts…

Beautiful examples of all golden age bikes.

And an illuminated wall of tanks of the ages. 

A worthwhile destination when visiting Wisconsins Brew City.

July 4, 2015

The Fourth of July

The Star Spangled Banner: a strong symbol to many and flown proudly on this day.

 I’m wearing my #278 ISDT tee which was Steve McQueens race number in the 1964 International Six Day Trials Where he bore the flag for the U.S. Team. In the parade through East Germany’s Erfurt he held Old Glory in what he considered one of his proudest moments. Bud & Dave Ekins, John Steen and Cliff Coleman marched with him.


July 3, 2015

The Bike with the Dragon Tattoo

The coiled serpent twisting its scaly body around the tank of this Big Zed fuels its embodiment of strength from the liter powerhouse.

Fire breather! Roaring Worm!

July 2, 2015

A Horse, a Horse my Kindom for a Horse


Rise of the White Knight: under the banner’d canopy of Hinckley Triumph here is a thoroughbred oyster pearl. Like some chivalrous band of brothers these racers stand proudly under standards of Rats, Rocker, & Ton-up.