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July 31, 2018

Bold 2

Jet Setter – from Oceanside to the skyward scene. BSA’s Shooting Star makes for a snappy runway runabout between the airport lounge and the private jet. Aviator look to the rider and sixties bombshell for the wing perched gal in the leopard skin coat. The louche world of the swingin’ sixties…

July 30, 2018

Bold 1

Spearfishing – this week we’ll delve into the world of misogynistic sixties advertising, when men were told to be manly, and the ladies attractively adorn the scene. All very James Bond-like… this BSA Victor certainly looks the part in this coastal location. The polished tank with a distinctive sun yellow accent catches the glint of ocean waves perfectly. Beach scramble anyone?

July 29, 2018

Public Message

The Mechanic – surly actor Charles Bronson advocates for quiet off road mufflers when the dirt bike hits the backwoods trails… more stealthy for the vigilante in us…

July 28, 2018

Shaken not Stirred

Sean – A DB5, 007, and the Alps as a backdrop. Trifecta of style.

July 27, 2018

Thruxton Two

Red Boots – let’s finish off this week with more pillion shenanigans. Hair ablaze and blurred spinning wheels.

July 26, 2018

Me & my Gal

Cute – the rider is intent on being fast with his pin-striped helmet, gritted teeth, leather jacket and Chuck Taylors. His gal has a surly distant look so he’s better not show off. She has teddy to keep her company and her wellies for necessary footwear.

July 25, 2018

Aged Happiness

Young at Heart – this happy couple who enjoy their journey together utilize a BSA for transport. The 250cc C15 was a fairly underpowered cycle that met stiff competition from Honda’s Dream and Superhawk. However Mr & Mrs Adventure seem quite chuffed with their mode of mobility.

July 24, 2018


When Two is Three – more paired motorcycling capers with a couple zooming along aboard an early BSA Rocket Three. The anorak jacket emblazoned with the marque logo gives the image period quality.

July 23, 2018

Ten Reasons

Studies Show: Ten Reasons why couples who ride together stay together…


It’s difficult for riders to be negative when they are riding. Couples who have a positive attitude have a healthier marriage.


When you ride together, you are sharing focused, quality time. Couples who share their experiences have a happier marriage.


If you ride with a group of friends or in a club, you are sharing your social circle which can be healthy for a relationship.


Hobbies can be expensive. But if you share the same interest you can share costs.


The benefit of having common priorities can be a reinforcing bonding experience. The couple who strive together have less chance of conflict.


You will never again be at a loss for a gift to buy your partner. Just get some bike accessories or riding gear for your significant other or plan a riding vacation.


Growing old together is about sharing memories. Motorcycling offers the journey, exploration and the destination as reward.


Enjoying the open road together offers uninterrupted time together in a conducive environment to communicate. Chatting while riding and pointing out things you see as you go promotes good interpersonal discourse.


Have you ever seen the couple sitting in a restaurant, not saying anything, looking at their phones? Sharing a riding experience gives you so much more to talk about.


Being a rider and pillion develops reliance on each other to maintain a settled balance to ensure a smooth journey. A couple who support each other in life never feel alone.

Excerpts from “10 reasons couples should ride together” by Mark Hinchliffe 21st August 2016

July 22, 2018

Coast Life

Happiness is… riding along a stretch of beach with your gal sitting pillion without a care in the world. A sleek 1965 Zundapp 50cc motor-scooter carries this carefree couple. Love this photo.

July 21, 2018


One Small Step – 49 years ago today saw the monumental combined effort of thousands who achieved the seemingly impossible task of landing men on the moon and returning them safely back to earth. Neil, Buzz and Mike were those men and Apollo was their craft.

July 20, 2018

Trial by Fire

Adventure Awaits – to those who dare to explore the road less traveled.

“We shall not cease from exploration

And the end of all our exploring

Will be to arrive where we started

And know the place for the first time.”

from Little Gidding (Four Quartets) by TS Eliot 1888-1965

July 19, 2018

Church Lane

Throwback Thursday – let’s set the way-back machine to the fifties when postwar Britain was reveling is quieter uncomplicated times. Here’s a couple of chums enjoying a countryside ride dressed up for some event. Groom & best man?

July 18, 2018

Red ‘n’ Silver

Hump Day – immaculate Triumph Scrambler parked on the gravel shoulder of a curvy road: ready to take on hilly highways. It serves as a midweek respite as we head downslope to the weekend.

July 17, 2018

Put t’ kettle on!

You only get an Ooh! Derby in the sixties; Foden PVD6 double decker, Austin Morris 1100, and a Triumph 3TA Twenty One give period traffic to this Midland town. Billboards with Carreras Buckingham cigarettes, possibly a Horlicks poster, and some dextrose item ‘For Energy’. And of course the Cuppa splashed along the bus.