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May 31, 2016


Yesterday the Cub emerged from its formative hibernation. Though it didn’t kick-over due to a possible ignition timing issue it sure looked good in the sunlight. It was loaded onto Deans truck – well we’ve seen a bike in the back of the Ranger before…

May 30, 2016

In Memorium

Motorcycles in Wartime. This weekend sees another time to appreciate what others did to ensure a less troubled world. Sacrificing your life is the ultimate act of selflessness for freedom. I’m posting this image of some Harley Davidson Rotax engined dirt bikes used by troops probably somewhere in Southeast Asia. A Cobra stands idle behind.

More dirt bikes being utilized; this time the dry sandy conditions of the Middle East. It’s one way of traversing rough terrain quickly.

May 29, 2016

Pipe Dreams

Oil Bag – with some bracket fabricating tomfoolery the Cubs oil tank is finally attached to the frame. The exhaust pipe slotted into its rightful position snugly ready to pop-pop-pop into action. 

Weather permitting we may be firing it up tomorrow!

May 27, 2016


Charley -our tiger – King of Cats

May 26, 2016


One of the reminder decals from an early Honda Goldwing sparkling in the Midwestern sun last weekend. Top of the list? “Preserve Nature” in three languages… Think Global.

May 25, 2016

The European Female

An acquaintance owns the immaculate R75/5 BMW with reflective toaster tank which starts off this round of five European moto’s from Main Street Hebron. Next up in counterclockwise fashion is a John Player liveried Norton Commando, nice looking machine. An orange Commando with a hefty tank looked the part under a bright May sun. BSA Lightning was a replacement for the sublime Rocket Goldstar, this one looked like a frequent rider polished with an oily rag. Last up Moto Guzzi V7, a 700cc transverse v-twin being the Italian contemporary of all of these other bikes. Lovely! 

May 24, 2016

Pans, Flats, Shovels & Knuckles

Harley Davidson – the local manufacturer made good attendance at the northern Illinois gathering on Sunday. Each was careworn with decades of roadwon patina. 

May 23, 2016

Flex your muscles

Another bevy of two wheeled beauties to behold from the Hebron show. This time a selection of big Zed Kawasakis from the seventies. Each different to their owners tastes but all rideable as hell! 

May 22, 2016

Mighty Mouse & Skunk

Hebron IL – a glorious day weatherwise and a backroads jaunt through Lake and McHenry Counties ended up in a small crossroads town where a gathering of old and new motorcycles lined the main drag. Harley’s aplenty, Indians, Guzzi’s, Beemers and a few British specimens. We’ll follow up the weeks postings with the variety but start with this quintet of Triumphs old and new will start things off. 

May 21, 2016

The Wild Angels

Taking their name after the cult classic Roger Corman 1966 B-Movie starring Peter Fonda this rocker group use the cafe racer as the equivalent to US Hells Angels choppers. This photo line-up has a bevy of BSA’s, Nortons and Triumphs. Clip-ons, quiffs, leathers and attitude. The middle Moto with ape hangers is …?

May 20, 2016

Jesus Saves!

Bonnie ‘n’ Ink – sometimes I wish I had smaller hands to reach into the nooks and crannies found on typical motorcycle engineering. This lucky lass has both a nice table elevating maintenance proceedings as well as the deft feminine digits to perform that work. A bike work table is the next thing on my list of projects.

“Hats off Mr Christ.”

May 19, 2016

Red Dog

Dog Tag – pup on a motorcycle. Goggled and silk scarfed. “Go hound, go!”

May 18, 2016

Oil Bag 3×3

The Cub – a high exhaust pipe routing is creating a bottleneck just under the oil tank. So some on-line investigating the various oil tank mounting lets me see how to get the engine oil feed and return pipes snugged behind a hot pipe. I think I may have a solution: mount the ‘oil bag’ higher with a tab extender allowing the lubricating gubbins to function.

May 17, 2016

Still Dangerous

Ninja 900- the fast Kawasaki motorcycle used to race F-14 Tomcats in Top Gun. It’s now 30 years since its release on this day catapulting Tom Cruise into superstardom. 

That is a darn good bike!

May 16, 2016


Lucky Brand jeans – the store in Las Vegas has an interesting suspended feature: a disassembled Triumph Bonneville. A mid seventies OIF model in semi-exploded repose. The brand also sells Triumph graphic tee-shirts so this hanging display is right at home.