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November 28, 2019


The Cooler King | Our man Guy Martin is to recreate the classic Finland scene from The Great Escape made famous by Steve McQueen. In blue torn down sweatshirt and khakis he’s to jump a barbed wire border fence on a green Triumph Scrambler. On Channel 4 December 8th.

May 5, 2019

Backside to the Wind

Tandragee 100 | Considered the best road race in Northern Ireland; this years offering saw our man Guy Martin take his BSA Rocket Three to victory in the Classic 1000cc class on the 5.3 mile circuit with an average lap speed of over 90mph.

July 15, 2018

Proper Job

Road Racer – sharp corners and hard stone walls. It’s the TT circuit on Man’s Island in the Irish Sea. This is none other than the Kirmo Kid Guy Martin taking a Triumph Trident through its paces under leaden skies.

September 12, 2016

Trial by Dury

SSDT – our bloke Guy Martin took part in a pre65 course at the Scottish Six Day Trials on a typically damp April weekend earlier this year. He’s dabbing along on a nice Ariel 350 single. Boiler suit, mountain bike helmet and Dainese race boots complete the appearance.

August 10, 2016

Salt Flat Fast

Utah – The Kirmington Kid adds a pinch of salt to his deeds of speedy derring do. He’s piloting a 1000bhp twin Rocket 3 engined sliver of a motorcycle across the famous Bonneville flats to get the streamlined two-wheeled record. Working up to a velocity north of the current 376mph record he took the carbon fiber sheathed cycle to 274mph in testing this week. A Triumph record!

March 28, 2016

Roll up, roll up, roll up

The bloke’s blokey bloke has just ridden a motorcycle around a 120′ diameter wall of death at var nigh eighty miles an hour establishing a new speed record. Training under the master of vertical riding Ken Fox for a year or so he managed this feat Live on Channel 4.

The g-forces he attained was just over 5G. Similar to an F1 car or WW2 fighter in dive.

February 29, 2016

Leap Year

Our Bloke Guy Martin takes flight with his Smiths Triumph in 2015 over the infamous humpback Ballaugh Bridge on The Isle of Man TT. 

Even more impressive is Harvey Williams catching air on his 125 BSA Bantam in 1952. Fag is lit too!

November 4, 2015

Proper Job

Top racing, mechanic, tea-drinking, fast seeking bloke has a birthday today. Guy Martin  is 34 today. He’s looking right proper vintage here pouring hisen a brew. 

July 9, 2015

Bonneville or Bust


In 1936 Joe Petrali set a new land speed record of 136.183 mph on a modified Harley-Davidson WL 61 cubic inch knucklehead. 

Today it was announced that our canny bloke Guy Martin is going to attempt a new motorcycle land speed record using a double engined Triumph Rocket streamlined ‘Lincolnshire Ceegar!” Over 1,000 bhp and over 4.6 liters. The team are hoping to reach 400mph.

“That’s proper fast that!”

April 13, 2015

With the little blue bag


Blokey bloke Guy Martin got in a little high speed practice last weekend at the supersport event around Donington Racetrack. Dusting off skills for the upcoming road racing season. He was aboard the Smiths 675 Triumph. Not to win but put some high velocity mileage under his wings. Salt is optional… (The sponsor is in construction, not thinly sliced fried potato products)

June 23, 2014

Get the kettle on!


Tea goes hand in hand with motorcycling. Perfect for quenching a thirst after a good ride. Here’s Steve enjoying a cuppa whilst filming a tunneling scene in the Great Escape. Niele looks on.


Our man Martin is a big tea drinker. Famous for having a waam mug o’ chai always handy. Overalls and  V12 Vantage Aston Martin seal the deal for enjoying the good things in life.


Of course cafe (PR. caff) racers hare between the  edge of town ‘greasy spoons’ and the mobile transport cafes spaced along the A roads of England. Here’s a perfect one complete with outdoor seating and fluttering flags.


It’s not their outward appearance that draws the clientele. As long as the brew is warm and wet, the food freshly cooked, then you’re set!


“The Greezies”: egg, sausage, bacon, beans, mushrooms, black pudd’n; and a slice (white bread with marg). All washed down with a tea! Perfect! Back on the road to head home…


Classic period shot of a Triumph Cub rider at The Sunset.

September 23, 2013

On Rossi’s Ranch

The secrets out! Guy Martin has been seen taking to the dirt with the track racing supremo Valentino Rossi at his private supermotard track near his hone village Tavullia along with supermoto champ Thomas Chareyre. It was all a planned photo-op from the makers of fine leather racewear Dainese of course but nonetheless seeing greats having a blast on a dusty track is a fine thing.





Now let’s see Rossi on The Mountain Course…
…there ‘e is giving the race fans something to cheer about! #46 on his way through Whitegates heading to the hairpin.


Chance for a cuppa later chief eh?


September 22, 2013

The Man @ Le Mans

An undoubted strong team effort from team Suzuki but given it’s Guy’s first foray into endurance racing coming second is indeed a worthy result.


An after race interview sees him knackered looking by jubilant and celebrating the obvious talent of his team.


Official Results –

1st: Kawasaki team of Grégory Leblanc, Fabien Foret and Nicolas Salchaud brilliantly won the 36th edition of Le Mans 24 Hours in 2013.
2nd: Suzuki No. 2 Team R2CL Guy Martin, Dylan Bush and Gwen Giabbani
3rd: Yamaha No. 94 Yahama France – GMT94 – Michelin Yamalube led by David Checa, Kenny Foray and Matthieu Lagrive


A well deserved cup o’ tea now lad!

September 19, 2013

Je voudrais une tasse de thé

As our cheeky chappie from the flats of Lincolnshire would say upon arrival to the historic racing town of Le Mans this coming weekend! He’s joining team Suzuki R2CL on the 24 hour endurance event. Trying to get speedy saddle time under his belt!


In his own words: “Top job boy! … to get a chance to do some World Endurance racing down in France is mega. It’s something I always believed would be beneficial and a lot more interesting for me than general short circuit stuff. I’m mega-chuffed and the drive to France should be a decent road trip.”


There ain’t no drystone walls inches from your speeding faceshield; but it’ll get dark before long…

September 18, 2013

What’s German for drag race?

Glemseck! It’s the now annual sprint race on an old race track straight over 1/8 mile (or 200 metres in metric!) For roadworthy cafe racers. Up to three cylinders must be under 1000cc’s and four’s under 750cc. Held near Stuttgart it attracts all sorts from across the Eurozone including wor laddie Guy Martin.


The chromed tubular Manfred Rau street fighter frame gives his machine a ‘meant’ attitude.


Rau in German means ‘ruffian’; seems appropriate!