Get the kettle on!


Tea goes hand in hand with motorcycling. Perfect for quenching a thirst after a good ride. Here’s Steve enjoying a cuppa whilst filming a tunneling scene in the Great Escape. Niele looks on.


Our man Martin is a big tea drinker. Famous for having a waam mug o’ chai always handy. Overalls and  V12 Vantage Aston Martin seal the deal for enjoying the good things in life.


Of course cafe (PR. caff) racers hare between the  edge of town ‘greasy spoons’ and the mobile transport cafes spaced along the A roads of England. Here’s a perfect one complete with outdoor seating and fluttering flags.


It’s not their outward appearance that draws the clientele. As long as the brew is warm and wet, the food freshly cooked, then you’re set!


“The Greezies”: egg, sausage, bacon, beans, mushrooms, black pudd’n; and a slice (white bread with marg). All washed down with a tea! Perfect! Back on the road to head home…


Classic period shot of a Triumph Cub rider at The Sunset.

One Comment to “Get the kettle on!”

  1. This is fab’.. a million memories.
    And far too many fry-ups.!
    Mostly they concern getting off the Liverpool- IoM boat for the TT races, feeling DREADFUL from the pitching of the ship.. and watching the greasy spoon caff’s put the lights on to open up for the incoming trade.. OMG.. fry-ups.! the smell.. upchuck.! not even gone in yet.!
    Quite often I used to have a monster cup of coffee, with as much toast as I could eat.. no grease, no more feeling DREADFUL.!
    Well a bit better anyway.
    Frankly however, along with proper, quality, Fish and chips.. is there anything better than a truly great fry-up/grill-up.?
    Perhaps a wonderful rib-eye steak with all the trimmings and french mustard, or a great favourite.. a full-on BBQ.
    Oh heaven..
    I’ve just had Weetabix.. and suddenly feel famished
    Stay well

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