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November 30, 2011

T is for?

An early brochure cover from Triumph Motors (the Best Motorcycle in the World) shows the swooping R into the H, still part of the logo today nearly a century on. The illuminated script appearance give a sacred reverence to the name. And Lo! It did come to pass in the land of angels that there was a vehicle of conveyance balanced upon two wheels that did speed along…

November 29, 2011

The Boss

You’d think he’d be cruisin’ around on a Harley or Indian; but no, The Boss, aka Bruce Springsteen, has Triumph as his selected ride. Good Choice! Here on what looks like a late 60’s TR6C Trophy. High pipes, small headlight, no tach and single carb give that away. That was then, this is now…  the passion still burns!



November 28, 2011

Bikin’ the Beverly foot-Hills…

Actor Ryan Reynold, yes The Green Lantern, here scooting around Hollywood on a cafe’d Triumph Thruxton. Blacked-out pipes & ‘gin, chopped fender & bellowed forks; Ace bars, smaller headlight and a cherry of a tank tops it off. Toting gear in a leather satchel, whilst trying to appear anonymous.

Dunno ’bout him, but that Hinkley Moto is a real head turner!

November 27, 2011



Triumph Bonneville: 1966 - speed sells

November 26, 2011

The Duke

“Let’s roll Pilgrim!” Usually seen atop a big horse, here we see the Pappy of all Action Heroes aboard a Honda dirt-bike. Dressed in his Big Jake garb, ready to give chase to some gang of outlaws.

November 25, 2011

One Week

A fairly recent film from Canada starring Joshua Jackson (of Dawsons Creek, Fringe etc.) also has a starring role for a Norton Commando. The story’s premise is our main character learns he has cancer so decides to ride across the country to the west coast in search of himself. Carefully played, beautifully shot (especially the riding scenes) and a fine movie to see.

Josh obviously enjoys Brit Iron; seen here below, begoggled,  on a later model Triumph.

November 24, 2011

Liberty Bombshell

A beautiful trio: the burly and sublime B-17 Flying Fortress (which I luckily got to fly on earlier this year with my father); an Ava Gardner looking brunette beauty; and a classic Norton Dominator (Dommie). evocatively shot by photographer Giles Clement.

November 23, 2011

Three for thee

Mid-nineties Triumph Speed Triple: the gentlemans Monster!
One of my favourite motos: hefty black lumps of an engine; clip-ons and fiery colour scheme. Designed from tire to tailpipe for winding roads!
November 22, 2011

Two Seven Eight

Our Man McQueen fettling his Triumph TR6 prior to taking part in the 1964 International Six Day Trials ISDT.  A true test of rider and his machine.

Rider 278 working on his TR6

November 21, 2011

In Xanadu…

…did Kubla Khan A stately pleasure-dome decree 

Where Ralph, the sacred rider ran

Through caverns measureless to man

Down to a sunless sea.


after Samuel Taylor Coleridge



An unbadged (why?) Triumph Thunderbird used to great effect as an African explorers mode of transport.  Hitch up yer skort pet, kick ‘er over and cavort along the rugged track into the Rwenzori Mountains. (not with those heeled sandals she’s not!)

“Dr Livingstone I presume?”

November 20, 2011

Motard Moto

An unusual adaptation of a 70’s oil-in-frame Trophy. A pair of motocross forks, wide bars, an alloy uni-link swingarm, sportsbike wheels and tires, and to top it off, a dirt track seat and I’m sure some interesting engine internal upgrades and I bet this is a G-R-I-N inducing ride.

A back road scratcher for sure!

November 19, 2011

Two-Wheel Wonder

A book cover graphic with a whizzing wheeled, wheelie-jumping twin ridden by begoggled rider; possibly a Triumph or Norton. Great 70’s look and neat title: ‘Wonder’ being the operative word.  I wonder what goodies would be found in these pages….

…it seems to cover everything about motorcycling! It’s also written by a certain Robin Lawrie; my fathers name. I’ll have to search out a copy for my motolibrary.

November 18, 2011

Rebel Rouser

Bruce Dern appearing roguish with his lightly customized Triumph; cowhorn bars, peanut tank and sissy bar.

November 17, 2011

Flight over Water

A stunning photo our our daredevil friend Evel Knievel jumping the fountain at Caesar’s Palace in Vegas.  What a showman!



November 17, 2011

Rebel without a Cause

James Dean looks on somewhat bemused as Jim Backus (Mr. Magoo among other roles!); possibly extolling the virtues of wearing a frilly and flowery pinafore. Jim played Frank Stark, Dean’s anguished character Jim’s father. “You’re tearing me apart!!”

Lovely Thunderbird sits waiting for a twist of the throttle. Fancy a ride up to the Observatory?