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May 31, 2015

Oh what a day! What a lovely day!


Mad Max: it’s a roller coaster, dirt slinging, machine grinding, apocalyptic, hell-on-wheels, adrenaline flooding, truck chasing, bullet flying, hot rod blasting, rock ‘n’ rolling, gasoline burning, chick brawling, dystopian steering, heck of a story, Fury Road movie. It doesn’t stop, there are no brakes on this film. Damn good, damn!

May 30, 2015



The Italians sure can make a pretty motorcycle. I was wandering around the block at work yesterday taking Geordie for a stroll and spied this red gem. Ducati’s GT 1000 Sport Classic. Based on the early 70’s Ducs it has a timeless quality very much like the Triumph Bonneville. If I wasn’t so into Meriden or Hinckley items this would be a suitable desire…

May 29, 2015

Sex Sells


A latter-day Bonneville advert utilizes a time-worn approach for marketing to men: a young scantily clad lass draped over the latest and greatest. Well it ain’t new and is practically identical with the  timeless Norton spreads of yesteryear.

Actually, growing up the black Norton commando was my favorite bike. A perfect looking machine; indeed Uncomplicated Sophistication…   

We just need the great Leonard Rossitter in his slimy lounge character to sidle in. 


May 28, 2015



A pair of period shop bunting flags with an intrepid tiger rider.  Getting some rodeo thrills and a yeeha yell a whoopin’ an’ a hollerin’! Hear her roar!

My tiger striped Geordie the Greyhound had a play date with a two year old today. Ada is more like a great niece and was full of energy leaping around the old gadgie. Go-go gal! Definitely a family resemblance.


May 27, 2015

Capering Capra

 You need to be nimble on your feet in order to negotiate hump day; especially when it’s skewed with a Monday holiday. A four-day week is spent always catching up on a missing day. Well if you have cloven goat feet then your trot around the farmyard of Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday can be gamboled with finesse. The hens and geese look on!

May 26, 2015


“The mystery of life isn’t a problem to solve, but a reality to experience.”

Frank Herbert 

One of the greatest scifi books with far reaching topics of politics, religion, economy, ecology, and eugenics, its setting millennia in the future could be read as a shadow of the world today. Dune was published fifty years ago and is as fresh today as it was in the sixties when the environmental movement was in its infancy.

May 25, 2015


Memorial Day Weekend: when we remember those who died so the free can be. Countrywide events include motorcycle gatherings and ride-outs. It’s mostly the Hog crowds and their shiny tasseled Harley Davidsons. Leather vested with middle age tattoos and members of some group or other. Here’s the flyer for a Souther event “Not recommended for children”.

  Got Air? 

May 24, 2015

Do miracle

  Bob Goodpasters 650 Norton: looking closely at this track tool it shows evidence of a careful setup  with efficient speed as the ultimate goal. From the John Tickle TLS front drum brake offering period stopping power. A featherbed frame holding the 650ss Dominator engine in cradled power. Bob built the rear wheel using a basic off road reel hub with quick release sprocket holder, making gear ratio changes for various tracks easier, the drum was a triumph sprocket drum machines down and bolted on the other side. Clean and purposefull.
Tipped on its side it’ll hustle around corners scraping the rear-set pegs back on their hinges. Though you can’t see it the primary is an open belt drive for smooth power transfer to the gearbox and wheel.  


Immaculate perfection. In the words of Bob: “it goes like the f&cking clappers!” Or words to that effect… Factory race specialist Doug Hele would have been proud!


May 23, 2015

Triumph Feeds the Soul

 Fabulous day in the saddle taking the Bonnie’s around to Michigan. An early start saw a quiet Riute 12 with naught but the shadows playing across the road ahead.    

This quicksilver toned Porsche Spyder stopped us in our tracks.  A race-spec engine growled as the owner sped off from the seasonal grocery store it was parked near. 

Also included in the ride was a short drop.-in to the amiable Bob Goodpaster at Expert Motorcycle Works in Hobart Indiana. A glorious  racing  650cc Norton sat in the front showroom floor. A serious track iron that sees  unobstructed chequered flags across the country at vintage racing meets. 


May 22, 2015

Up against the wall


Got the bike ready for a sunny jaunt tomorrow into Michigan. Memorial Day weekend ahead and the morn is meant to be a sunny day. On the road by 7 so the highway will be lightly trafficked. I’ve put in new clutch springs and set screws to tighten up the plates. 

May 21, 2015

Red Truck

 Bobby Stilwell winning the 1958 50 mile Amateur race at Daytona Beach. With that gorgeous red Chevy truck to tote his bike around in he swept the board in the fifties on Triumph Twins. 

May 20, 2015



Liquid Engineering: gears, bearings, axles, bushings, pistons, pushrods, chains, sprockets, moving around, up, down, spinning. All to get the engine’s power to the wheel. Lubrication from oil and grease. Castrol was the fluid to use back in the day. Even for winners.


May 19, 2015


Back in the day the doughty Cub could keep up with the best of ’em and go on to win many a trial competition. The riders liked them, they galloped over the observed courses and their popularity amongst the public as a daily rider to scoot to and from work. Wooded hillside with rubble stream bed needed in Illinois soon… 

May 18, 2015

Crescent City 


Here’s the Triumph dealer down in New Orleans Louisiana. Our man on the ground Dean Rennie was down in the Big Easy for a conference and had a few moments to pop in and see that southerners are being offered the same Bonnevilles, Daytona’s, and the usual range as up here in Chi-Town where the Delta Blues ended up.   


Nice display with plenty of sparkling new product being looked over by choice vintage specimens, such as this Tiger. Of course our correspondent was also enjoying the outstanding music Nawlins has to offer. Ask the Big Chief: 



May 17, 2015

Emerald eyes are smiling


The Triumph Cub reached an important hurdle today and we leapt it with style. Fenders (mudguards) attached with relative ease, the front with nice tight clearance that a trials should have, and the rear trimmed down item giving a suitable tail to the proceedings. The tank and seat are just placed on for rough setup but achieve a classic balance to the project. 

Lookin’ like a real bike!