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May 24, 2015

Do miracle

  Bob Goodpasters 650 Norton: looking closely at this track tool it shows evidence of a careful setup  with efficient speed as the ultimate goal. From the John Tickle TLS front drum brake offering period stopping power. A featherbed frame holding the 650ss Dominator engine in cradled power. Bob built the rear wheel using a basic off road reel hub with quick release sprocket holder, making gear ratio changes for various tracks easier, the drum was a triumph sprocket drum machines down and bolted on the other side. Clean and purposefull.
Tipped on its side it’ll hustle around corners scraping the rear-set pegs back on their hinges. Though you can’t see it the primary is an open belt drive for smooth power transfer to the gearbox and wheel.  


Immaculate perfection. In the words of Bob: “it goes like the f&cking clappers!” Or words to that effect… Factory race specialist Doug Hele would have been proud!