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January 26, 2019

Jon Snow

Winter Fun – I need one of these! Chopper Triumph with street sign plow blade. I’d take the Chevy truck too! We have icy conditions here in the Midwest and expect even colder weather next week… minus 15°F

June 26, 2017

Rattus norvegicus

Brown Rat – the proud owner sits lazily by his conglomeration of odd and ends that create a unique truck and bike. Every item that added curious character was a found object. From the snap-on wrench door handle to repurposed tire tread rear fender. A 650 twin Yamaha was the donor Moto under its patina’d skin. #Motoblot #Ratbike

March 22, 2015

Red Truck


With the heavy rains sweeping across Texas in Friday, Tim of Harris Vincent, didn’t ride in on his customized Ducati 800 Supersport (I saw photos and it was a very well executed personalized road-going sports bike). Instead he drive to work in his early 60’s Chevy C10 truck. Red with white trim its softer line hinted at an earlier body style of all curves yet whispering at the future square boxiness of trucks to be. Rounded front windscreen allows a generous view of the road ahead.


A stepside bed with pressed name drop gate completes a perfect tote for the Hill Country. How else will I get my Triumph Cub to trials courses?….

July 11, 2014

Rusty but a good vintage


The popular 1-ton Chevy 3800 truck from ’51 or ’52 is a lovely bit of Americana that built a country after the ravages of the depression followed by a harrowing world war. This one looks like it’s done ample service and needs a little retiring recovery followed by an easy life toting up and down country roads from fair to diner and home again.
Buffalo MN