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October 31, 2014

A Skeleton Crew”or “tighten those loose bolts!”


Hallowe’en and the dead shall rise… Well this chopped, hacked and generally abused moto might need more than Dr Frankenstein’s theatrical efforts to awaken with a hearty rort. Even though it says Triumph on the coffin tank the engine looks like a Yamaha… Scary!
Other Frankenbikes:


Boris Karloff styled GI Joe figure with combination.


A dude and his bride highway bound on a pumpkin colored chopper. What torque do you need to tighten neck bolts?

Tea and biscuit Boris?


October 30, 2014

Kick when you have to kick


The standard kicker interferes with the new rearset trials pegs. So I have obtained a KTM kicker with swing-out. It still needs the peg to be hinged up to operate but I already do this with the Bonnie so it’s no bother. However the Triumph uses a cotter pin, the KTM a spline fit. I’ll need to fanagle some attachment to transmit the downward hoof to turn the engine over.

October 29, 2014

Cranium Coverage


Well shod and layered Triumph rider heading for the open road. Packed bags and loaded panniers two-wheeled adventure bound. I found this researching for a possible new lid. The Phil Read Arai is a nice one.


The black with three pointed flash was his race helmet colors.


Here’s one of his original full face helmets. Makes the Arai look like a space helmet!


October 28, 2014

Reduced Speed Ahead…


What 180mph looks like in a 40 zone. Insect splatter mandatory. This is aboard a burly Suzuki XR69 handled in very capable hands of Lee Johnston.


Here’s the hedgerow-eye view of said classic racer. A racebike harking back to the magicians touch of an engine tuning alchemist Pops Yoshimura.


Well a piano can’t play the finest symphony if its out of key…

October 27, 2014

Long-legged Rickman



Best mod for an old Triumph motor is to shoehorn it into one of these finely fettled frames. One day a suitable donor engine might turn up…

October 26, 2014

Through the Dunes National waterfront



180 mile round trip. A jaunt out to Michigan along Route 20. Oaks in rusty covering and golden elm with a sprinkling of red maples gave a seasonal backdrop to the venture.


Here the South Shore train rolled along the track parallel track dropping off and picking up various weekenders seen in these parts.


The bikes rode well. The air was fresh, the sun gave off a slight warmth and the roads not too busy. Good ‘back end of the year’ ride.

October 25, 2014

Objects in the Mirror…


…are closer than they appear. Seen in the loading bay of a local Trader Joes. Sparkled in the beautiful blue skied October day.

October 24, 2014

Friday afternoon in the City


A few errands to carry out in downtown. A couple hared past on their Triumph Scrambler. It looked like the ideal cool-tool for urban transport.


Michigan Avenue onto Lake Shire Drive. Those pipes look spiffing.


Mirrored view not bad too.

October 23, 2014



When I had the venerable Original Ninja my jaunts went further afield. It could zoom the big roads with ease and be a nimble ride on the back roads of Wisconsin. Here I am up by Lake Geneva I nice hour circuit around it through rolling countryside. I always stop in at the Yerkes Observatory; its 40 inch lens being the largest refracting telescope used for research.


Tank mounted baglux with map. Ready for the unknown roads. A very comfortable bike to ride…
Photos taken on Kodak slide film with a trusty Nikon F3.

October 22, 2014

Suits me sir!


Another day, another dog walk – same route, same spot. Parked in the same location as yesterdays Explorer was this well ridden Thruxton. Black with golden pinstripe. More lithe and laid back than the behemoth from yesterday.  Choice? I think the Thruxton pips it.
DOHC, parallel-twin, 360º firing interval
865cc    90 mm x 68 mm
Multipoint sequential electronic fuel injection
Five-Speed chain drive
27° / 3.8 in.
41 mm forks with adjustable preload, 4.7 in. travel
Chromed spring twin shocks with adjustable preload, 4.1 in. rear wheel travel
Front brake: Single 320 mm floating disc, Nissin 2-piston floating caliper
Rear brake: Single 255 mm disc, Nissin 2-piston floating caliper
Tires: Front 100/90-18 Rear 130/80R-17
Fuel Capacity 4.2 gal.
Weight: 507 lbs. (Wet)

October 21, 2014

“Suits you Sir!”


Walking the dog near work today; happened upon this moto made for the dedicated two-wheeled traveler. Its the Big Tiger – a Bengal amongst bikes, plenty of roar, and claws too match. My size too. XXL Perfick! All 1200 cc’s of her.
1,215 cc (74.1 cu in) liquid-cooled, 12 valve, DOHC, straight three 85.0 mm × 71.4 mm (3.35 in × 2.81 in) 6-speed gearbox, shaft drive
Front: Dual 305 mm discs and Nissin 4-piston callipers
Rear: Single 282 mm disc and 2-piston caliper
Switchable ABS
Front: 110/80R19
Rear: 150/70R17
Fuel capacity 20 L (4.4 imp gal; 5.3 US gal)
Oil capacity 4 L (4.2 US qt)

Foot specifications in any book.

October 20, 2014

Fill ‘er up!


Gas stop: usually the ride needs at least one top up, typically at a suburban station where the gallon price is a good quarter less than the city one. Currently prices are 25% lower that earlier in the year. Canada’s oil sands are responsible for this; though OPEC keeps a rein on the global picture.


Its only been the last forty years or so when the barrel as a commodity has dominated world economies. Before then it was cheaper than water and to fill the boat sized automobiles typical of the ‘States was an inexpensive proposition.


October 19, 2014



This october morning was met with brisk fall weather. Hazy blue skies overhead and blazing autumn colours around. We took the Triumphs out for a spin north on fairly quiet roads stopping at a diner in Lake Bluff for coffee and pancakes. 50 miles in all and bike runs like a top.

October 18, 2014

The Ace of Spades


Lemmy Kilmister Motorhead front man seen here in true british form with a fresh out the factory Bonneville 750.

October 17, 2014

Ode tae a motorcycle…. An’ its lass!


There was a lass, and she was fair, 
At kirk or market to be seen; 
When a’ our fairest maids were met, 
The fairest maid was bonie Jean. 

And aye she wrought her mammie’s wark, 
And aye she sang sae merrilie; 
The blythest bird upon the bush 
Had ne’er a lighter heart than she. 

But hawks will rob the tender joys 
That bless the little lintwhite’s nest; 
And frost will blight the fairest flowers, 
And love will break the soundest rest. 

Young Robie was the brawest lad, 
The flower and pride of a’ the glen; 
And he had owsen, sheep, and kye, 
And wanton naigies nine or ten. 

He gaed wi’ Jeanie to the tryste, 
He danc’d wi’ Jeanie on the down; 
And, lang ere witless Jeanie wist, 
Her heart was tint, her peace was stown! 

As in the bosom of the stream, 
The moon-beam dwells at dewy e’en; 
So trembling, pure, was tender love 
Within the breast of bonie Jean. 

And now she works her mammie’s wark, 
And aye she sighs wi’ care and pain; 
Yet wist na what her ail might be, 
Or what wad make her weel again. 

But did na Jeanie’s heart loup light, 
And didna joy blink in her e’e, 
As Robie tauld a tale o’ love 
Ae e’ening on the lily lea? 

The sun was sinking in the west, 
The birds sang sweet in ilka grove; 
His cheek to hers he fondly laid, 
And whisper’d thus his tale o’ love: 

“O Jeanie fair, I lo’e thee dear; 
O canst thou think to fancy me, 
Or wilt thou leave thy mammie’s cot, 
And learn to tent the farms wi’ me? 

“At barn or byre thou shalt na drudge, 
Or naething else to trouble thee; 
But stray amang the heather-bells, 
And tent the waving corn wi’ me.” 

Now what could artless Jeanie do? 
She had nae will to say him na: 
At length she blush’d a sweet consent, 
And love was aye between them twa.

Robert Burns 1793