“Suits you Sir!”


Walking the dog near work today; happened upon this moto made for the dedicated two-wheeled traveler. Its the Big Tiger – a Bengal amongst bikes, plenty of roar, and claws too match. My size too. XXL Perfick! All 1200 cc’s of her.
1,215 cc (74.1 cu in) liquid-cooled, 12 valve, DOHC, straight three 85.0 mm × 71.4 mm (3.35 in × 2.81 in) 6-speed gearbox, shaft drive
Front: Dual 305 mm discs and Nissin 4-piston callipers
Rear: Single 282 mm disc and 2-piston caliper
Switchable ABS
Front: 110/80R19
Rear: 150/70R17
Fuel capacity 20 L (4.4 imp gal; 5.3 US gal)
Oil capacity 4 L (4.2 US qt)

Foot specifications in any book.

2 Comments to ““Suits you Sir!””

  1. I notice you omitted the weight for this bloater.. by design.?
    You know I loathe the current trend for boat anchor bikes, having been brought up with “add lightness” being hammered into me.
    I’m sure you know it but the factory spec for this bike is 259 kgs~ 570 lbs.!
    Comes round.. a little.
    And that of course is before it is loaded with any panniers or whatever and before a pillion mounts it.!
    I realise this monster is not so far away in size from other big trailies, but even so.?
    I wish you luck with this one.
    What ho.

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