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October 31, 2016

All Hallows Evening

Jack o’ Lantern Trumpkin: evil eyes and toothy grin adorn this orange Speed Four. A Moto for the macabre.

October 30, 2016

Closer than they appear…

Objects in Mirrors- as the past recedes to a point of perspective; the current moment blurs by. The future? Well the road ahead is filled with only a hint of what awaits. If you keep a good hold of the bars, not too firm mind, lean into the corners, the trip is assured to be a good one.  

The Existential Rider

October 29, 2016

Remembered Zion

Fall Freewheeling- for a late October day and temperatures brushing 70 degrees; with a fiery foliage backdrop, and quiet roads: it was a perfect autumn ride. Bikes running well too. 

October 28, 2016

Small is Beautiful 

Tigress – the she-cat and her cub. A happy rider is the proud owner of a clean looking Triumph Cub. The Chaplin stick on the front forks is curious, but for a Baby Bonnie this one is full marks!

October 27, 2016

TBT 27102016

Oil in Frame – this is what my current Bonneville would have looked like rolling out of the factory. Mustard yellow, conical front drum brake, and a hefty oil filled backbone in the frame. Doesn’t look like that now! It’s a unique Geordies Bike!

October 26, 2016

Marlon Shakespeare 

Vote Ch🙂pper – Extended Forks? Check! Ape Hangers? Check! Sissy Bar? Check! Stars ‘n’ Stipes Peanut Gas Tank? Check! Cool Dude who looks like Warren Beaty? Check.

We’re voting for a new president in a fortnight. It’ll be my first chance to have my day as such now being a US citizen. This British moto in American livery and style is what I’ll feel like at the voting booth.

October 25, 2016

The greens of summer

Amber & Teal – there is a movie makers technique where strong orange and blue coloration is used to evoke a certain edginess. Here’s a link to an in depth discussion of this color correcting

Me? Give me my Kodachrome…

October 24, 2016

They Don’t Own Me

Verve- The aforementioned 90’s group frontman Richard Ashcroft has a freshly released album. One piece is supported by a cool video of this troubled troubadour alternately crooning and riding across a windswept British countryside. It’s a beautiful Triumph Cub in trials form that he scoots across meadow, through wood, and along lane on. 

Urban Hymns by The Verve is quintessential 90’s music. 

October 23, 2016


Autumn Curves- perfect Fall conditions on the roads today: crisp air with a warming sun. Oak, maple and elm bring a golden and fiery backdrop to the ride. I wore an amber tinted visor; it was like riding in a Martian sunset, made things quite clear actually with a high definition monochrome- which didn’t affect the red and green traffic lights. 

October 22, 2016


A Right Pair – here are the two bikes in drive side profile. A little tweaking of fuel lines. Had the Cub in tight figure eights around the garage. Tomorrow is forecast as perfect autumnal weather. The Bonnie will be taken out.

On another note the Chicago Cubs just got through to the World Series. 

October 21, 2016

Tax Disc Aug 71

Flares – the early seventies sure were an interesting time for fashion: Platform boots and bell-bottom trousers. Package holidays at the Costa del Sol; Dad’s Army or On the Buses on the Telly. Decimalization in the wallet, Harvey Smiths V-sign to the Establishment. What better way to venture beyond the Age of Aquarius than on a sturdy Triumph?

October 20, 2016

Single Moto

Throwback Thursday- here’s an example of the wee 250 Trophy I bought when first arriving in the US back in ’98. Decent tool to scoot about the City, finding my way around, got my US drivers license on it too! About as much power as a wind-up toy; but Lake Shore Drive was mighty fun on it!

October 19, 2016

Wicked Willow

Basket Case – I’m going to sharpen my secateurs and coppice some willow to weave into a basket of wicker. Toting groceries, tools, parcels or small children. So hip it has a waist.

October 18, 2016

Jungle Fever

Soccer Street – another photoshoot with David Beckham wearing cool-guy duds whilst on a South American journey with a couple of mates. Unsure how many rugged miles were seen by the knobbly tires, but some appropriately splattered mud adds to the scene. The Scramblers look good though…

“Owver eor son! On the ‘ead!”

October 17, 2016

Ink ‘n’ Wheels

Moto Tattoo – a dedicated rider has adorned in permanent ink his upper arm with the front view of some standard motorcycle. Wonder if the other arm shoes the rear?