Tax Disc Aug 71

Flares – the early seventies sure were an interesting time for fashion: Platform boots and bell-bottom trousers. Package holidays at the Costa del Sol; Dad’s Army or On the Buses on the Telly. Decimalization in the wallet, Harvey Smiths V-sign to the Establishment. What better way to venture beyond the Age of Aquarius than on a sturdy Triumph?

4 Comments to “Tax Disc Aug 71”

  1. Has the news of the NEW Triumph Bonneville factory built 1200cc Bobber reached the colonies yet.?
    A very handsome bicycle.. from one who dislikes bobbers.
    Have a grand WE.

  2. Hey Guys. This Colonial hasn’t..! To save a tired old Aussie from Searching Mrs Google (anyone with that much knowledge MUST be female – grin) is there a link please to the NEW Triumph Bonneville factory 1200cc Bobber..?? Personally I find some bobbers quite cool, but not so much that I would ever think of bastardizing dear old Arthur into becoming one 🙂 Cheers, Les

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