When I had the venerable Original Ninja my jaunts went further afield. It could zoom the big roads with ease and be a nimble ride on the back roads of Wisconsin. Here I am up by Lake Geneva I nice hour circuit around it through rolling countryside. I always stop in at the Yerkes Observatory; its 40 inch lens being the largest refracting telescope used for research.


Tank mounted baglux with map. Ready for the unknown roads. A very comfortable bike to ride…
Photos taken on Kodak slide film with a trusty Nikon F3.

2 Comments to “TBT”

  1. Love the photo’s.. light sparkling on the water.
    The more I read/watch you.. the more I realise what you already know..
    You need a big, comfortable, sporty bike.. a bit like this Kasawaki [?] here .. but an up-to-date moto. A Z1000.?
    Swift, great handling, all day comfy, go anywhere. And return.!
    Something on those lines. And the Bonnie’ for high days etc.. like the Cub, to tinker with, for your own pleasure, to touch base with the Anglo in you.
    A modern bike then, you choose. But.. FGS! no Bonnevilles.!!
    Did you get my long text about your Ca holiday.. and the music.?
    Any thoughts I wonder.
    Love “Brassed off”
    Love Peter Gabriels’ Pig.
    Lovelovelove them.
    Have a fab’ and groovy WE both.
    A hug for Geordie.
    Oh yes..
    the story behind the Peter Gabriel song is.. it was selected for the Oscars that year and to great excitement all round.. it had a REAL chance of the win. A HUGE DEAL.!
    The brass band on the recording was the Black Dyke Mills band.. a top UK band, and the fabulous whistle playing at the start of the melody was Paddy Maloney of the Chieftains.. etc.
    But.. the brass band had already a booking with a nearby village concert for the date selected for the Oscars.. and declined to go to the ceremony, but to stay and do the right thing and honour their deal at home.
    Damn.! decency lives in Anglo hearts..
    So nobody went and the chance was missed.
    This story came from Terry Wogan the BBC Radio 2 presenter, this lovely piece was one of his favourites and he always swore it was THE winner.. had it gone.
    Bugger eh,?

    • One of my favorite pieces of music is used at the end of Babe. The grand organ piece by Saint Saens.

      Rousing when the deep bass of the organ gets going.
      One place I heard a great brass band was Kelham Island in Sheffield. A steam engine being run at speed with the brass instruments in accompaniment.

      The engine is a masterpiece. Power to reverse the flywheel in a moment.

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