Long-legged Rickman




Best mod for an old Triumph motor is to shoehorn it into one of these finely fettled frames. One day a suitable donor engine might turn up…

2 Comments to “Long-legged Rickman”

  1. Gorgeous indeed.
    I have made a friendship with a classic bike dealer in Lille in France.. Legend motors. I rather thought I had sent you the odd sale motor or two of theirs to view.?
    Just lately the shop stock has included 3 Bonneville Metisses’, all fit and fine, all in the BRG colour which I do prefer. All 3 sold very quickly.. in the area of £10k-£12k. [say $17k-$20k] One had just been bought in, checked, polished, put outside on the pavement and a passer-by walked in and bought it.! As quick as that.!
    Aren’t they a superb looking motorcycle.. virile I think.
    A friend of 40 odd years here has had a blue one over 30+ years, but with the terminally ugly dual seat.!
    His has the T120R Thruxton type pipes fitted with the looooooong silencers. Looks a bit odd not fitted to a production Bonnie’ but does sound lovely.
    He has many bikes, doesn’t ride any of them and the Metisse hasn’t seen daylight for years. Damn shame really.
    Trust you are well.

    • All well here Bill. No clocks changed yet. That will be next weekend for us, so the mornings are darkening up. Hard to rouse when Geordie barks at 6am…
      The off-road Metisse is another smart looking bike. Engineered well and aesthetically pleasing. Hope to ride either the road or trail one someday. Your friend needs a bike caretaker to take his machines for a spin – down to Keswick and beyond….

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