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May 8, 2015

Starry Starry Night


Just listed….. Gonna sell my kidney….. Or my soul…. 

“Offered for auction is a restoration project from HARRIS VINCENT GALLERY, in Austin, Tx.  This motorcycle is a completely non-matching bike!  The purpose of it being rebuilt is to move outside the traditional lines of VINCENT sales and offer a just-restored bike to riders who want to have the “Vincent Experience” and not but put into poverty!  The engine cases are not sanded or polished, but exactly as made a half-century ago.  The outer cases are the original polish and we haven’t redone them so they’re like it was when sold (plus 60 years of patina!)

The engine unit is a 1949 VINCENT H.R.D. engine, completely restored by us.  The transmission has new internal components.  New pistons, bearings, valves all combine to produce a solid and fresh VINCENT for the successful bidder.

Maybe you never had a VINCENT and want to try one.  This will be the bike for you and if they’re not for you, so what!  You aren’t locked into a big auction house to sell it.  It’s a rider’s bike.  New tires, new bearings, fresh seat, rewly overhauled, genuine SMITHS Rapide correct speedometer, new grips, built to ride.  Sure, we do show – winning restorations and our bikes win the big shows.  But, we like to see guys enjoy our bikes and on this one, we know you will.  

Engine number is: F10AB/1/1432. upper frame number is R3495 and there is no number on the rear from number because we had to replace the lugs.

The Rapide does not come with a title but it does come with a bill of sale.  This is motorcycle is a really nice rider and a great motorcycle to enjoy.”