A pair of period shop bunting flags with an intrepid tiger rider.  Getting some rodeo thrills and a yeeha yell a whoopin’ an’ a hollerin’! Hear her roar!

My tiger striped Geordie the Greyhound had a play date with a two year old today. Ada is more like a great niece and was full of energy leaping around the old gadgie. Go-go gal! Definitely a family resemblance.


2 Comments to “More?”

  1. A matched pair.. Magic.!
    Who does Ada belong to and where was the photo taken.? Do you have a garden.?
    Weather here CRAP.! thank you.. nowt new there then.
    Have a great WE whatever is happening.

    • We met Ada and her owner near my office, she has a fenced garden so offered to let the dogs cavort. Well Ada jumped about and Geordie watched! Weather here is fine – not hot yet. A weekend of local errands and other jobs. Hopefully go and see Mad Max.

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