Two-Wheel Wonder

A book cover graphic with a whizzing wheeled, wheelie-jumping twin ridden by begoggled rider; possibly a Triumph or Norton. Great 70’s look and neat title: ‘Wonder’ being the operative word.  I wonder what goodies would be found in these pages….

…it seems to cover everything about motorcycling! It’s also written by a certain Robin Lawrie; my fathers name. I’ll have to search out a copy for my motolibrary.

5 Comments to “Two-Wheel Wonder”

  1. Just added your new RSS to my Google Reader and the images do not appear with the post. Is that something you set on your end?

  2. It seems to be a universal issue with Google reader and RSS feeds from WordPress… harumph! If you double click on the image dos it open up as the blog page?

  3. Pics are visible now, yay!

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