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November 12, 2011

Pitt the Motorcyclist

Another action guy used to hauling around on or being seen with British Iron is Brad Pitt. Obviously at one with the cool value offered by this great marque. Here he is in the retro-life Benjamin Button.

The silver blue Thunderbird coloured Tiger with nacelle headlight is a beaut!
Trying on the McQueen mantle of two wheeled freedom.

November 12, 2011

Adamant Rider

Hugh Jackman a.k.a. Wolverine is a keen motorcyclist it seems. Being seen here with a nice looking 70’s Bonnie.

Even the comic-book Logan is seen cruisin’ on a Trumpet…

Of course in the X-Men: Origins movie has Jacko haring around on a big American Iron. Get those claws out!

He’s the baddest, meanest, best superhuman mutant out there!

Of course, as with all Stan Lee creations the supporting merchandise must follow!