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June 1, 2014

Road trip aftermath for Brit Iron

After yesterdays outing the Bonnie required some much needed maintenance: fork legs drained and refilled. Which necessitated the handlebars to be removed, and the speedo and tach, as well as a readjustment of the steering head bearings to tighten up the proceedings. Also Bob Goodpastor noticed one of

my carb cables was routed a little tightly at the cap; so off came the tank and spun that… Just need to adjust the chain, oil levels in the frame/tank, primary case and gearbox and she’s good for the road again.


Here’s some more photos from Expert Motorcycle Works… Workbench, tools and ‘cycle display all!


Rows of British two wheeled history awaits a willing rider.


Likewise rows of cylinder heads await lapping, guides, valves and rocker arms… As well as a reciprocating cylinder clad piston.