With the little blue bag


Blokey bloke Guy Martin got in a little high speed practice last weekend at the supersport event around Donington Racetrack. Dusting off skills for the upcoming road racing season. He was aboard the Smiths 675 Triumph. Not to win but put some high velocity mileage under his wings. Salt is optional… (The sponsor is in construction, not thinly sliced fried potato products)

One Comment to “With the little blue bag”

  1. Hi GB. I recall WF’s “…smoke and mirrors..” comment about our guy Guy…Although I kind of agree, I’d dearly love to see the lanky Lincolnshire Flash take a Senior TT win….The man damned well deserves it IMHO, if only as a reward for sterling efforts over many years which have given we of far lesser riding ability (well me anyway 🙂 a great deal of vicarious enjoyment. Cheers, Les

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