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August 17, 2013

Done Good at Dundrod

Our lad Guy Martin pulled out a hat trick with his three wins this weekend at the Ulster GP. All being closely followed on his heels by the Dunlop lads amongst others.  With an unmatched average lap speed of 132.938mph on his second of seven laps in the Superbike he pipped Michael Dunlop by 0.054s. At that speed that is as close as you can get!


The big Suzuki is running well, the team are on top form and Guy can celebrate with a good cuppa or two! “Well done wor Chief!”


May 16, 2013

NW200 – result before a cuppa

Supersport podium place for our man Guy Martin today. Third place behind Alistair Steely and Michael Dunlop.


Working his way up to a good result with the Superbikes race at the weekend. Concentration: the eyes have it!


September 18, 2012

Are you going to Scarborough Fair?

Blokey racer lad Guy swept the boards last weekend at the North Yorkshire racing meet. The bike ran, the crowds roared and the Chief blitzed the field around Oliver’s Mount on his TAS Suzuki. He grabbed five trophy’s including the Steve Henshaw International Gold Cup. Dang! Wish I could have been there to watch that outstanding performance…


That smile is earned!

September 13, 2012

Go on lad, get t’kettle on!

Further to our article recently in regards to the fiery crash Guy Martin had a couple of years back, he’s yet again raising money for spinal research (he did it last year too!)

Guy Martin Big Brew

Of course copious amounts of tea are involved, as are the cultivation of manly sideburns. A worthy mutton-chop growth will possibly win a chat ‘n’ chai with our man Guy.



September 10, 2012

All the Gear!…..Seriously!

Reckless? Not our road racer mate Guy Martin. A couple of years back he came a cropper when nailing it at Ballagarey the notorious stretch at the Isle of Man TT. His Honda burst into flames hurtling him along the road. With bruised lungs and fractured backbone, a hospital stay assured he was okay. he enjoyed plenty of tea and fan support whilst recuperating

Racers wear their gear for a reason. Leathers, gloves, boots, a lid and all. Nuff said!

Guy spent some time that following winter convalescing by restoring an old narrowboat and touring the heart of the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution. The Boat That Guy Built is the result: a great BBC show; ‘Chief’ Guy gave an enthusiastic survey of Blighty’s important role of Victorian Empire’s global spread until the ‘Sun never set’.


August 20, 2012

The Trials of Mr. Martin

Our lad Guy is a two wheeled genius at speed; give him a slow technical trials bike like this Tiger Cub and look at him pop and dab around a log strewn, rock riddled course! Balance, throttle control and a snowboarders lid (?)


August 13, 2012

Speedy Sideburns

Our Lad from Lincolnshire, Guy Martin, is the warm face to road racing with his workman wit and no nonsense approach to his numerous interests. He made a much toiled top podium win at the Ulster GP held at Dundrod in Co. Antrim NI this last weekend. His Suzuki Superbike and ample talent saw breakneck top speeds in excess of 190 mph as well as an AVERAGE lap speed north of one ton and thirty.

Guy also races downhill mountain bikes, has a keen interest in the industrial past of Britain and holds down a job as lorry mechanic. Doesn’t mind getting his hands oily and is partial to a cup of tea (or ten).