Done Good at Dundrod

Our lad Guy Martin pulled out a hat trick with his three wins this weekend at the Ulster GP. All being closely followed on his heels by the Dunlop lads amongst others.  With an unmatched average lap speed of 132.938mph on his second of seven laps in the Superbike he pipped Michael Dunlop by 0.054s. At that speed that is as close as you can get!


The big Suzuki is running well, the team are on top form and Guy can celebrate with a good cuppa or two! “Well done wor Chief!”


2 Comments to “Done Good at Dundrod”

  1. Now then,
    According to the weekly comic[MCN], which I just happen to have to hand.. there is a great deal of dissent amongst the Ulster front runners just now.
    The news is.. G.Martin is unsettled and very unhappy with the results on the Tyco Suzuki and is moving toward Honda, tho’ not yet signed. And the Tyco people are hoping that Mr Martin will stay with them. Hmmmmm.
    I am NOT a M.Dunlop fan and have not enough space here to say why, but NOT.! Dunlop, a Honda team rider in the dream team with John McGuinness.. has not been offered a contract by Honda.! oops! Dunlop NOT best pleased apparently.. and being a voluble Irishman has had plenty to say about it.. it says here..
    Handbags at dawn then.. let’s wait and see.? It’s just that time of year for the hot-seat-shuffle. Who sits where.?

    • I saw Guy renewed with Tas last week. Seems pleased with his Suzuki… McGuiness and the Dunlop’s on the magical Honda being his main opponents just now. Should be a good season next year! We’ll see where Michael D settles..

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