Shaken not Stirred

Sean – A DB5, 007, and the Alps as a backdrop. Trifecta of style.

4 Comments to “Shaken not Stirred”

  1. Iconic image I agree……….absolutely embodies how Sean Connery totally owned the identity of Bond…

  2. Great picture.. a style icon.. everything.!
    Good post.
    Trust both are well, and, as ever.. THANK YOU for carrying on posting and intriguing the rest of us out here.!
    Regards ever
    Bill xx

  3. Les,
    So agree with you, after Connery, Bond became progressively more of an ongoing comedy series, until, Halleljah! we were all saved by the other best Bond.. Daniel Craig.
    After Connery, I never went to the flics again to see a Bond movie, just avoided them, until Mr Craig signed up.
    Happy days.. trust you are well.

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