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September 15, 2015

Jacket adornment


Join my gang! In-Laws, 99 percenters, daughters of order, heavens Devils…

All welcome. Dr H. S. Thompson is recognized as honorary El Presidente.

September 14, 2015

Originality in experience

My ramshackle racer daydreams of its early existence as a clean factory model, such as this outstanding example. Complete in glossy finish any owner would be proud of. My Bonnie has a reborn character with oil under the fingernails and battle scars telling of an untold story describing a 70’s chopperization and unruly riding shenanigans. Like a dog from the shelter all I can offer is unconditional love when on rough running days or non-starting mornings…



September 13, 2015


Make three: we were joined in the Sunday ride by David and his stunning BMW R75\5. It was a gleaming Teutonic machine that stood out as the three of us louped along Highway 12 through Indiana into Michigan. The Triumph were like a couple of English terrier scamps to this smooth Powerful German Shepherd of a bike. The weather couldn’t have been better and the roads not too busy for this time of year.

September 11, 2015

Go Skate!

“Don’t let anything poison your individuality. Break away & look in, not outward.” ~ Rodney Mullen. 

Skateboarder genius Mullen roars down some SoCal lane giving up truck’ four wheels for two. Pillion is free to the wind like our lad Rod must feel when freestylin’ his tricks like the Ollie, flip-kick and other flat ground tricks that heralded a new wave of skating in the eighties. 

The Moto is an early 70’s Triumph.


September 10, 2015

Throw Back Tiger

Sharp toothed, sleek, apex predator. Yup! That’s Panthera tigris the striped whiskered large cat that everybody loves but wouldn’t like to meet in a dim jungle setting. 1972 650 TR6R Triumph Tiger.

 Shere Khan!


September 9, 2015

Gas ‘er up!

We’re only half way through a short week after Labor Day weekend but we need a fuel stop…  BP  is known the world over a the premiere petrochemical company… Just don’t mention the Gulf! Ford GT in Porsche livery anyone?


September 8, 2015

The other Laurie [sic]

Hugh that is. Looking cool indeed on his Triumph Scrambler and sporting a McQueen tshirt. 

September 7, 2015


Motor Cycle News has this image watermarked. It more than a game of football now; he’s sat upon what looks like the all new water cooled 1100cc Triumph Twin which is planned to be on the streets next year. Chunky tires, hefty forks, plump tank and forward stance… Been waiting for this one! Mines going to be in Mango Tango color.

Beckham is promoting Belstaff clothing and sharpens pencils on his hair cut.

September 6, 2015

Tora! Tora! Tora!

Keeping the cat theme going: this time tiger power for workshop duties. 


September 6, 2015

Cat on Wheels


September 4, 2015

In the breeze

Sepia wash sketch. Gal on a Triumph, high pipes and unfurled silk scarf. 

September 3, 2015

Paws and Tails


Purr-fect! Ink print of Bonneville with le Chat Noir perched on pillion. Good graphic shape work to define the machine as well as the slinky feline passenger.

September 2, 2015


We’re going to have something like this at some point in the near future. Battery powered Daytona: 0-60 in 2s, top speed of a ton and a half with run distance of 300 miles and a quick recharge of 15 mins. Soon enough…

September 1, 2015

The Man who mistook his Wife for his Motorcycle…

Dr Oliver Sacks the world renowned neurologist passed away last weekend at the age of 82. I life exploring the inner workings of the mind and consciousness, identity and memory. 

He was portrayed by Robin Williams in the film Awakenings, based on one of his many books about patient cases.

   He was also a biker: here, a young faced rider grinning widely after a hare about on a classic Norton Dominator DeLuxe 600.

He was also a big swimmer, an early muscular physique show off his powerful arms and legs. Again a solid motorcycle his steed. At this time in the early sixties he also sampling in the hallucinogenic drugs of the time “pharmacological experimentation”; further expanding his mind.