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October 15, 2017

Phileas Fogg

Madman – Nick Sanders takes long distance riding to another unreachable level altogether. He takes perfectly sensible sports bikes and thrashes them in a circumnavigation ofvthe globe. Here he stands next to his Triumph Daytona which he sped a land-orbit of the earth in 31 days back in ‘98. He would repeat the journey a few more times on a Yamaha R1… taking the time down to 19 days. Nutter!

October 14, 2017


Into the White – studio quality bleached exposure. No distractions, just the flat trackers and the pensive riders waiting for the green light. 

Photography by Benedict Redgrove. Project Award.

Association of Photographers Awards 2017

October 13, 2017

Fall Collection 

Autumnal Sepia – as we cool off and experience the occasional drizzle we must bring out the colder weather gear. The leggings might be a tad underwhelming but a stout wax jacket, scarf and ‘meant’ boots are de rigeur. The Tiger ain’t that bad either.

October 12, 2017

Sur la Route

Normadie. – an image taken during a weekend cycling trip along the north coast of France in ‘97. I spied this couple zooming across the countryside under crisp April skies as I took a break from pedaling the same landscape. “That’s for me!” I said to myself. 

Pentax ME Super 50mm Fujichrome 100 

October 11, 2017


Purple rain, purple rain

I only wanted to see you

Bathing in the purple rain

October 10, 2017

Leaf Compost

Autumn – once the temperatures wane and drizzly overcast day become more common then we’re heading into my favorite time of the year. Nature’s fireworks abound in leaf color; fresh skies; and earthy smells. A bit like this worn out ‘79 T140 Triumph Bonneville. Oil encrusted engine and rusty pipes adorn a barn worn patina where a family of mice may live under the side covers.

October 9, 2017

Guerrillero Heroico

Seremos como el Che. One of the most controversial figures of the Twentieth Century Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara was assassinated fifty years ago today in Bolivia. Sometimes hailed as a complete man: doctor and economist, revolutionary and banker, military theoretician and ambassador, deep thinker and political agitator; his revolutionary thoughts and actions were contentious, both hated and revered depending what side of the aisle you sat on. Phot by Alberto Korda taken March 5 1960 Havana Cuba

October 8, 2017

The Meadows

Las Vegas – the roads were smooth and not too busy, bikes ran well, and the lunch stop in Antioch had a good selection of good diner cookin’! Dash of autumnal color on the trees under an aquamarine clear blue sky. 

October 7, 2017

1973 Muscle

Closing In – some decent complete Trident examples are being unearthed for a potential project. Merely (?!) needing some tuning, some elbow grease to polish-up the chrome, and gas in the tank. … the sixties superbike.

October 6, 2017

Bubble Visor


Woodcut Watfarer – nicely executed illustration of a lady biker running her cafe racer through its paces. Good shadow and highlight worked into the graphic .

October 5, 2017

Silver Grey

Tricked Tracker – we’ll sorted ‘68 T100C  with some tasteful adjustments to get a dirt racer look. Knobbly tires, high pipes, and timeless monochrome finish. 

October 4, 2017

Victor Creed 

Sabertooth at Fifty – Taken for an Esquire Magazine men’s fashion photo shoot here’s Liev Schreiber kicking over a vintage British bike. Photo by Cédric Buchet.

October 3, 2017

39-016 WIS plate

Swap Shop – there were a few folding tables and tarpaulin with various items for any restorer looking for that all essential original part. Amal carburetors by the shoeboxful, Smith’s instruments displayed three by three, and a drawer of Lucas fun ‘n’ games for the mystical art of classic bike electrics.

October 2, 2017


Triumphant – a well sorted tracker with everything fettled for the oval dirt. 

October 1, 2017

Fuel & Stone Dust

More Flat Track Action- though I forgot my big telephoto lens I managed to capture the atmosphere of the races. My Nikon needs a careful dust-off as the dusty track clouded over the spectator area near the corner. These images show the range of bikes being run: classic British & American Twins; hefty Yamaha and Rotax Singles; the highly strung Two Stroke 250-450’s; and Brakeless Vintage. All exciting stuff!