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October 29, 2017

James Howlett

The Wolverine – we watched Logan last night. The final outing of Hugh Jackman as the X-Men clawed heavy. Here is an atmospheric black & white photo of the actor riding a 70’s Bonneville along an empty industrial backdropped highway. A side note: I am one eighth Logan. 

October 4, 2017

Victor Creed 

Sabertooth at Fifty – Taken for an Esquire Magazine men’s fashion photo shoot here’s Liev Schreiber kicking over a vintage British bike. Photo by Cédric Buchet.

June 10, 2017


BATMAN – looking back it’s a very tongue-in-cheek version of the caped crusader and his crime fighting escapades. But growing up with the show when Bruce Wayne was played cooly by a serious Adam West and your Corgi Batmobile would recreate his daring-do along with Boy Wonder Robin, there was nothing better. Sadly we hear of the recent passing of Adam West who owned this role – grey one piece, yellow utility belt, and satin glove and all. 

March 6, 2017

The Cursed Earth

Back to Basics – we recently had the opportunity to see a performance by the undoubtable Billy Bragg. Oh he of proletariat song and socialist chant. Folk punk poet with a rock beat. This photo of him in the early 80’s has him wearing a 2000ad cover t-shirt. Prog 61 to be exact, and my favorite, illustrating Judge Dredd exploding out of the page on his Lawmaster. 

November 22, 2016


He is the Law! And you’d better believe it! Judge Dredd takes on a towering simian who is wreaking havoc on Mega City One. From the saddle of his Lawmaster he’s reading the riot-act and probably sentencing this hominid perp to time. Comic artist Brian Bolland’s artwork for the cover of this rerelease is stunning in intricate detail of contrasting scales.

The original story in 200AD Prog 5 back in March 1977 was about a rampaging movie-prop robot perp. The story climax has Joe Dredd riding his bike into the fanged maw of the gorilla.

November 1, 2016

Barbara Gordon

BatGirl! The Gal Wonder zips through the dark crime riddled streets of Gotham on her BatBike. Early Detective Comics had her zooming ahead of the Dynamic Duo as the distinctive Bat Signal is shone skyward by her father, Commissioner Gordon. POW BAM 

July 26, 2016

Bellerophons Steed

Pegasus – the flying horse. A beautifully embroidered denim jacket by a fine handed needlesmith Lillian Davis. Apparently she had this painted on her Triumpg petrol tank too. 

January 11, 2016

Starman ★

Didn’t   know what time it was and the lights were low

I leaned back on my radio

Some cat was layin’ down some rock ‘n’ roll ‘lotta soul, he said

Then the loud sound did seem to fade

Came back like a slow voice on a wave of phase

That weren’t no D.J. that was hazy cosmic jive

There’s a starman waiting in the sky

He’d like to come and meet us

But he thinks he’d blow our minds

There’s a starman waiting in the sky

He’s told us not to blow it

‘Cause he knows it’s all worthwhile

He told me

Let the children lose it

Let the children use it

Let all the children boogie

David Bowie 1947-2016

December 8, 2015

The Doctor

Dr Who. The classic Timelord from Gallifrey usually utilizes his TARDIS to careen about space and time.  

However when on the ground at a particular era the it seems a Triumph Scrambler becomes his wheels of choice.

November 30, 2015

I am the Law!

Let’s bust into this week with Joe Dredd roaring his Lawmaster through the page. Classic Brian Bolland artwork that has never been bettered. 


October 21, 2015


Motorcycle ambulances, like the one pictured, are saving lives in remote villages that are not accessible by cars or trucks. As well as Riders for Health who do a great job of putting medical staff out to remote areas on lightweight dirt bikes, Unicef have a rugged combination ambulance to haul patients to and fro.


September 11, 2015

Go Skate!

“Don’t let anything poison your individuality. Break away & look in, not outward.” ~ Rodney Mullen. 

Skateboarder genius Mullen roars down some SoCal lane giving up truck’ four wheels for two. Pillion is free to the wind like our lad Rod must feel when freestylin’ his tricks like the Ollie, flip-kick and other flat ground tricks that heralded a new wave of skating in the eighties. 

The Moto is an early 70’s Triumph.


August 27, 2015

Cat Meme…

… and a Motorcycle Meme in one. (Star Wars is a bonus!)

August 4, 2015


What Would Kermit Ride?


June 22, 2015

Tracks in the Sand


We’ve all heard about the fable “Footprints in the sand”. An allegory reflecting on the journey of life with guidance for the twists and turns thrust in our way. Well here’s the Fathers Day version… Yes I know it was Papas Day yesterday but I need to get this on the blog before I forget it.

Looking back on life you see wheeled tracks of your  life’s travels in the sands of time. Early on there are a pair of them. Those double lines weaving in and out denote when your father rode with you; sometimes showing you the way ahead, other times guiding you along and further sections watching over as you speed ahead across fresh sand. Teacher, Mentor, Guide. Later on there is a single tire track weaving along representing the adventures of your own experiences as they travel across ripples, over dunes, through surf; marked by knobby fresh tires at some stretches and worn down ‘boots’ at others. You ask where he went? Well he’s earned his keep on the rugged shores and is traveling parallel to the beach on the smoother roads of life driving his Jaguar saying, “I told you everything you need; now you’ve just got to get on with the job! I’ll meet you for a fish & chip supper at the cafe up ahead!”