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September 26, 2010

Taking the Bonnie out for a spin

This weekend I finally had the opportunity for a couple of jaunts out on the Bonnie to get familiar with its handling and controls as well as getting comfortable with it in traffic. I rode up Sheridan Road yesterday to Lake Forest; nice windy roads through leafy North Shore communities; returning down Route 41 to get the bike up to speed. Today I rode down the length of Lake Shore Drive, again a mix of traffic, speed and city riding. A few adjustments to the front brake cable to tighten it up as well as dialling up the rear shocks gave a more secure feel today. Still need to attend to the front brake cable brake light switch as well as the engines idle and low speed tuning (it’s a little hesitant). However, when you roll on the throttle the bike takes off and I sense why they felt the need for an additional gear in 1973 with the T120V! (V for 5 speed). All in all though a couple of great rides out!

Down near the Adler Planetarium with the Chicago skyline behind
September 26, 2010

More Triumphs in the Limelight

Antonio Banderas

George Clooney – on a modern Bonneville

Ellie-May Clampett

Hey, it’s the Fonz – Heyyy! King of Cool riding British Iron in Milwaukee; home of Harley Davidson.

Hugh Laurie – aka, Prince Regent, Bertie Wooster, House MD

Ray LaMontagne – musical inspiration from riding the Triumph?

Rita Heyworth; with Edward Turner (for it is he) at the helm; distracted from the beautiful lines of his Speed Twin ~ the first of many models he created at Meriden.
Hagrid – this Trumpet flies!