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January 4, 2011

Judge Dredd – Lawman of the Future

You can’t talk about comic art with motorcycles and not mention Judge Dredd. ‘Old Stoney Face’ Joe Dredd maintained law in the massive Mega City One riding his Lawmaster. He was Police, Judge and Jury all and kept a semblance of order with a harsh hand.

January 4, 2011

Motorcycles in Comic Art 2000AD INFERNO

One of the outstanding pieces graphically was the story Inferno; loosely based on the movie Rollerball (the sublime 1975 version NOT the 2002 one!). A future sport being a mix of Football, Basketball, Baseball, Speedway, MotoCross, Kung-Fu based in an arena of cinders with jetpacker flyers and a healthy dollop of ultraviolence thrown in. Artie Gruber being one classic character. Massimo Belardinellis bikes were sumptuous choppers with outlandish engineering and cool riders with harpoon-line powergloves. Sadly the plug was pulled due to the overly violent nature of of the action.

January 4, 2011

Motorcycles in Comics – 2000AD

Back in the late seventies I read the then new comic 2000AD ~ fantastic and violent stories of the near future. Classic artwork by the likes of Pino, Ezquerra, Bolland and Belardinelli graced the pages. I would devour these stories again and again until the pages were threadbare. I would then draw the action scenes and allow the oft featured bikes to soak in to my subconscious. One early story M.A.C.H. 1 centered around a character called John Probe, with superhuman strengths (man activated by compu-puncture hyperpower! `~ “Six Million Dollar Man”?)  Many of his stories involved bikers on the top models at the time, as well as a few fantastical ones.  

Enjoy the art…. beginning with Probe gunning the throttle of a Benelli Sei.

What strength, lifting rider bike and all (a BMW R69)

Here are the speedy killers, reminiscent to the Bond bike in Thunderball.

This unlucky rider is being unsaddled from what looks like a Suzuki GT750 “Water Buffalo”… 

Another early story involved the invasion of Britain by some ficticious Eastern Block country called Volga; it took the rough edged resistance leader, Bill Savage, a lorry driver armed with his shotgun and working class quips to save the day. However the Volgs were armed with fast sportsbikes equiped with machine guns.