The White Helmet Display Team – Royal Signal Corps

These guys are another early memory of motorcycling. They would ride around arenas across the country, as well as at the Royal Tournament, in perfect syncronized fashion, either piled up on one bike, or through flaming hoops, or on one great feat, ride towards each other in a X-shape just missing each other by fractions of an inch. Bike skills and control are superb. They are a volunteer team within the Signallers and are one of the oldest motorcycle display teams in the world. 80 years.

Their bike of choice: a 750 Triumph, with loud TT pipes, knobbly tires and a red flash’d tank to match their pistripe trousers. More tuned to their machines against the modern street stunt riders who rely on wheelies, burnouts and stoppies.

The classic flaming jump.

The Pyramid

Juggling backwards.

Sidesaddle standing with no hands, cool control.

9 guys as well as the rider on one bike.

Atop a ladder and riding around.
Two wheeled gymnastics.

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