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May 3, 2011

Triumph Bonneville T120R 1972

A bright Sunday morning had take the bike out up Sheridan Road; more of a shake-down and getting used to the controls, especially the gear change (it does need a good hoof to up and down change, otherwise false neutrals make themselves evident). Need to slowly get the distances built up with it. However my elbow and wrist still give me trouble after about an hour of clutch work.

I also installed a ‘BarSnake’ into the hollow center of the handlebar, it’s a rubber strip that fits snugly into the bars and helps minimise vibrations by assisting the damping. It worked well in the 45-55 mph speed and 3-4000rpm. I’m pleased with it.

Some items to still work on: front brakes, front brake switch, tank paint (again!).