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May 15, 2011

Flat Tracker with futuristic fiberglass bodywork

A racing special raced by Don Castro in ’72, then immediately banned due to streamlining rules. A wrapparound tank and seat with 70’s pinstriping extraordinaire. Go fast, turn left, repeat. The extended seat is interesting but there’s a neat custom in there somewhere…

May 14, 2011

Bonneville at Bonneville UT

If you want to stretch the legs of your Bonnie where better than the Salt. Here’s a couple of shots showing ardent triumph owners taking their rides along for a spin. I’m sure it’s pretty adrenaline pumping haring along the rutted white grit of the course ticking over the ton with a seven mile or so run out. Sneck through the gears and open the throttle and pin it.

Marco Raymondin of Paris based Brooklands Motors (above) takes his pre unit T110 (below) through its paces…

May 14, 2011

Jim et son T110 dans NY

A great shot of a guy and his ride.

May 12, 2011

All weather Triumph

Necessity, as they say, in the mother of invention! Need to cruise around Minnesota in the snow? No problem; pop off the back wheel, bolt on the tracks, ski assembly strapped onto the front wheel and Peary look out!

May 11, 2011

Gulf color on a Honda 550 cafe "Le Mans Special"

Here’s a beautifully detailed cafe racer prepared in glorious blue and orange. Thiunassuming rebuilt 1975 model has been methodically reconstructed with special care to details such as the sumptuous tank, tail section and he controls.

The orange painted frame is a great detail (ooh if I’d only had that thought with mine!)

A super little feller, probably fun to ride too.Build by Chris Trotter from Bozeman, Montana.

May 10, 2011

A Model Motorcycle

There are quite a few plastic model kits featuring the Triumph motorcycle, whether for historical significance, such as the red-caps machine, or TV promotion. Different scales and models… starting with this brit duo: BSA and Tri, from the Grease 2 movie (apparently!)

A nicely detailed semi-built kit, just bolt ‘er together and there you are, one Bonneville. Nice detailing too.

Here’s the MP bikes, utilitarian singles fromwartime service; (more on this later…)

Heeey!  Fonz has his bobbed triumph alse modelized. See previous entries for the bike itself.

A nice little Revell kit.

May 8, 2011

Triton: Son of Poseidon

One other bike at the show yesterday was a suitably set-up Triton, Norton Featherbed frmae with Pre-Unit Triumph engine. A white tank with black pinstriping set off the cafe/manx look. Long bodies and sleek looking…

May 7, 2011

Chicago ACE Garage bike show

This afternoon the ACE garage held a small bike show for the older motos; british, japanese, german and italian were all well represented. I went to ogle the Triumph thought. A good selection to look at too! Here’s a cafe’d ’72 Bonnie, nicely done.

 A line of decades… from the 60’s to the 2000’s all there! lovely to the eyes.

One of my favourites: the modern Thruxton 900.

A Hurricane: the Vetter added parts to make the triple sportier to compete with Japanese 4’s of the time, the tripe pipes are superb. This one was for sale ($?).

Hard tail bobber of an OIF, tough riding stance with ape hangers too! Though a clean neat bike.

Other marques also attending included this nice red BSA 650; cousin to my ’72 Bonnie, also oil in frame. I liked the chrome front mudguard which would fit my bike no problem.

A pair of Ducatis in Paul Smart livery, gladly seein’ double!
But one of the nicest things was this diminutive 250 Aprilla, fresh blue racebike with greyhound icon.
May 7, 2011

A hare or hound?

 Great shot of young lady enjoying the speedy thrills of an old farm bike; in this case a Triumph.

May 6, 2011

An Airfix this is not!

Well, a Revell model kit of a Triumph in chopper fashion; with, it seems options for customization…

May 5, 2011

Engine Cutaway Graphic

ANother beautifully rendered engine diagram showing the workings of the 650 twin, it doesn’t help you build the engine but it helps you see how all the parts interact. It reminds me of Mr Eplsy and Mr Thwaites engineering drawing class where you were given a sheet of drawn components, a written description of the machines function; then had to assemble them graphically: plan, elevations and an isometric. Finally you had to create a revised part and show a sectional sketch of the adaptation.
May 4, 2011

Triumphs around the world

From America to Africa; these were the bikes to see the world on, across the ‘States to the steamy airs of Rhodesia and the Victoria Falls.

May 3, 2011

Triumph Bonneville T120R 1972

A bright Sunday morning had take the bike out up Sheridan Road; more of a shake-down and getting used to the controls, especially the gear change (it does need a good hoof to up and down change, otherwise false neutrals make themselves evident). Need to slowly get the distances built up with it. However my elbow and wrist still give me trouble after about an hour of clutch work.

I also installed a ‘BarSnake’ into the hollow center of the handlebar, it’s a rubber strip that fits snugly into the bars and helps minimise vibrations by assisting the damping. It worked well in the 45-55 mph speed and 3-4000rpm. I’m pleased with it.

Some items to still work on: front brakes, front brake switch, tank paint (again!).

May 1, 2011

Wall of Death

More twosome adventurous spirit in bygone days. A sidecar outfit haring around the vertical world of the travelling performers. Rolled up sleeves, turned beret and glasses; good confidence too…

May 1, 2011

Old London Motorcycle Supply advertisment

Everything from gauntlet gloves to gear boxes; pistons to pillion seats. An engine for £12, or a sproket for 2s 6d. Enough to keep that trusty Triumph or BSA on the roads of the big smoke.