Hardly Dee at the Musee

A large selection of HD’s from the last hundred years or so filled the museum, the waft of engine fumes tinged the air. They still fired many of these up! One racing specimen was kicked into life while I was there, a hearty roar and pungent gasoline smell. Heart thumpin’ stuff!
An early forties WLA, 45 cu. inches WWII machine (80,000+ built)

1928 JD, here in fetching blue trim.
Model F (1915 on) Early 61 cu. inches (1000cc) V-Twin configuration; this one with original patina: marvellous!

Flathead engine (side valve) used in HD’s between the 30’s and 50’s. Here a U model with recirculating lubrication; the Squirt logo adorning the oil pump! Ribbed side cover aids cooling.

1933 VLE 74 cu. inches. Beautiful bird tank graphic for this year only.
XR750: Dirt-Track racer extraordinaire!

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