Robert M. Pursig? There’s no Zen involved, just sweat, cursing, oil and more sweat!

I spent the better part of this morning into the afternoon installing an in-line screw on oil filter. It entailed draining the frame ‘tank’ then checking the mesh filter and assembling the C-Clamp attached bracket into a very small space under the rear swing-arm. Reconnecting oil lines became problematic with different sized hoses: 5/16″ ID into 1/4″ ID adapters anyone?

All this was carried out in the storage garage under the office, warm, steamy, filthy floor. I was a true wet, oily, mucky mess! Nothing a good shower, swim then shower at the Y couldn’t amend! Well it’s on now so I can keep the oil clean for the engine!

This chap has certainly got a Tiger by the tail; it’s a late 70’s LH shift single carb 750cc Triumph Tiger. That crazed look is familiar!

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