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July 16, 2011

A Museum of Variety…

It wasn’t just Harley’s at the Wheels Through Time; other marques were represented also. Some known like Indian and others lesser known such as the Traub. An interesting selection.

A brace of Excelsior Autocycles from 19-teens, the Model X; these were the first ‘ton’ bikes, fast indeed for the time. Bought by Schwinn which folded in Hendesron later; these would become Excelsior “X” Henderson.

Thor Motorcycle from the ‘teens. A board racing machine set up for rapid laps of the racing boards. From Aurora Illinois. With the huge number of bicycle manufacturers around Chicago it was a natural step to motorcycles at the turn of the century.

JAP Single:  JA Prestwich motor from the UK used for grasstrack and speedway racing.

ELK: more about this unique cycle from Dale Walksler, owner of the museum.

Traub, a one-off bike with a very interesting story with unknown origins. Rediscovered 40 years ago in a bricked up wall in Chicago.

Finishing on a couple of Indians. Only true major compeition to HD, based in Springfield MA from 1901-1953. Representing this important maker is a Powerplus (above) and Deluxe Sport 4 (below)

July 16, 2011

Hardly Dee at the Musee

A large selection of HD’s from the last hundred years or so filled the museum, the waft of engine fumes tinged the air. They still fired many of these up! One racing specimen was kicked into life while I was there, a hearty roar and pungent gasoline smell. Heart thumpin’ stuff!
An early forties WLA, 45 cu. inches WWII machine (80,000+ built)

1928 JD, here in fetching blue trim.
Model F (1915 on) Early 61 cu. inches (1000cc) V-Twin configuration; this one with original patina: marvellous!

Flathead engine (side valve) used in HD’s between the 30’s and 50’s. Here a U model with recirculating lubrication; the Squirt logo adorning the oil pump! Ribbed side cover aids cooling.

1933 VLE 74 cu. inches. Beautiful bird tank graphic for this year only.
XR750: Dirt-Track racer extraordinaire!
July 15, 2011

Wheels through Time

Whilst driving through North Carolina we stopped at Maggie Valley where a little gem of a place resides: the Wheels Through Time Museum. A building filled with American Motorcycles from the teens of last century up through to the seventies. Harleys mostly, but well worth a visit to see the set up they have. Biking paraphenalia also colours the exhibit. Lovely machines. I’ll start a few days run with this Evel Knievel XR stunt bike…

Don’t forget your lunchbox boy!

July 14, 2011

A Triumph Printed

At a folk creative workshop in North Carolina I worked in the print class. Using old credit card swipe machines and carefully carved lino sheet a small reproducable print could be made. I worked on an image of my Triumph. Came out pretty good for second go at printmaking…

July 1, 2011

Hergés adventures of ….

The Thompson Twins and Snowy take fright as our intrepid hero de jour takes flight on his motorcycle.

There’s a good chance he’s astride a Terrot, the makers of the Gallic ‘cycle brand that was based in Dijon. Here’s a 1930 model the 350cc HST
Note: Hergé was the pen name of Georges Prosper Remi, writer and artist (1907-83) his name being his initials backwards RG in french of course!