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August 24, 2011

Royal Riders

Unearthing this older photo of Lord Snowdon riding a Triumph during a visit to Australia I thought I’d see which of the Windsors enjoyed two wheels; Charlie likes cars, especially classic and fast Aston Martins, however the boyz, Wills and Harry enjoy two-wheeled fun!

First off here’s Snowdon on a Bonnie.

…and here’s one of William enjoying a fast looking Triumph. (at least I think it is he…)

Harry with some derelict in Afghanistan, a tough little starter; I’m sure the dust doesn’t help!

The two brothers also did an African oddysey taking trails across 1,000 miles of South Africa and Lesotho. They visited villages on locals in relation to charity work for children and AIDS.
Harry started young too!
…and although Charlie isn’t a two wheeled afficionado, here he looks on as a vintage Norton owner extolling the virtue of riding a classic British iron.