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August 15, 2011


August 15, 2011

A Brace of Bonnies

After a stormy wet weekend, the sun finally got out late Sunday afternoon so I got out for a saunter up the north suburbs; joined by Dean Rennie on his ’68 Bonnie. Cool air with bright light, perfect road. Super!

August 13, 2011

Colour of Orange

A photoshopped large (UK spec.) tank in orange on an OIF Bonnie. Just ruminating on a colour shift for the bike.

August 12, 2011

The Black Adder

Flippin’ through a mag at the local supermarket I saw spied this chooper Triumph. A ride for Capt’n Blackadder I suppose?

“And in Genoa, ’tis now the fashion to pin a live frog to the shoulder braid, stand in a bucket and go “bibble” at passers by.” Edmund Blackadder.

Here’s a tasty close-up of the ultra clean engine and details; surgical in execution; lovely.

August 12, 2011

Maybe she’s Bonnie with it!

A couple of evenings ago a commercial on TV had a couple of flashes of vintage Triumph whizz past a New York street scene; the advert was for eyeshadow by Maybelline… … well what better moto to drape a eyelash fluttering model than a gorgeous aubergine and cream Bonnie?

August 11, 2011


Saw this on Ride the Machine blog today, just HAD to add it here, an adaptation of a McQueen jump aboard the Great Escape Triumph… .. looks like a sprayed mural about 6′ high or so.

… here’s original graphic:

August 10, 2011

Girl Power… … on a Bonnie!

A strong message with this 60’s advert: implying a Triumph gives you a sense of power! The gal is aloof aboard the bike with, what look like, her business, architect and sportman contemporary bretheren. Read into it what you will!

August 9, 2011

MULE Motorcycles – Brighton Cafe Streetmaster

Enjoy this sumptuous Triumph Cafe created by MULE; based on a modern Hinckley Bonnie. Speed Twin colour scheme and beautiful period details such as th elarge 4LS front brake, Ace bars, skinny single seat and lumpt tires. Yupe, I’d take one… …in a heartbeat!

August 8, 2011

Custom Bobber Bonnie Indiana style

On  weekend trip to Fort Wayne Indiana we stoped in at Pierceton, a small town on Route 30.  A couple rode in on a pair of bikes; one with a distinctive twin sound, parallel rather than 45 degree V. Here’s the well built chopper with Bonnie engine; hard tail, forward controls and nice hefty (but not too big) forks and well valanced fenders. The split harley tank with green flame set it off.

Seperate octagon oil tank, long brake rod and low-slung battery box, typical details for this chopperization of a Brit Iron.

August 5, 2011

Gary Nixon 1941-2011

Gary was one of the greats who made Triumph a big name in performance motorcycles in the’States. Taking flat-track and road race set up motos to numerous victories such as the Springfiled Mile, Daytona and other great venues. (he was also a Burns Birthday lad; same as me January 25th)

In later years remembering good times on his steed of choice…

Triumph Triple at Daytona.
August 5, 2011

Speed Triple

Through it’s many modern iterations the Hinckley Speed Triple has always turned heads with its sublime appearance. My favourite is the nineties version with solid look, black lump of an engine, bright orange tank, clip-ons. A classic looking bike…

August 4, 2011

A Hurricane and a Shoe

An airman in WWII sitting proudly with his Royal Enfiled, oh and his Hawker Hurricane in the background. The Battle of Britain pilots relaxed aboard speedy motorcycles.

A shoestore mobile advertising for sure; the Norton attached chair also serves as pooch carrier…

August 3, 2011

The Cold Crisp Taste of Coke…

After the refreshing ride on Saturday morning I stopped in at Bobs Deli, a local 7-11 in Highland Park. What was needed was a good cold, classic bottle of “ice cold”. The moto cools in the background, I cool in the shadows.

“I’d like to buy the world a Coke”
Coke slogan 1971
August 2, 2011

Yippie Ki Yay Mo…..

Fab seventies movie poster graphics: like the movie trailer in image form, all the high impact scenes in one swoosh of flame. The female protagonist astride it all! The front wheelie spun bike is an English Twin: woo-hoo!