BSA in Wartime

As mentioned in the Che piece a couple of days ago, the British motorcycle industry turned manufacturing over to military needs during the Second World War. As well as Norton and Matchless; B.S.A. (Birmingham Small Arms) were to create some trusty rides that saw action across the globe. The Small Heath works created the side valve 500cc single designated the M20, which became the model of choice by the armed services. At its height 1,000 machines were coming off the assembly line per week – over 126,000 manufactured overall; some still in service today. The M21, a ‘big brother’ 600cc used for sidecar work was also produced.

Ride like an Egyptian…   … the telescopic forks confuse me somewhat, so if anyone can enlighten: they are typically fitted with girder forks.

Sturdy looking sidevalve motor:
Here’s a great link to the specifics of owning a wartime brit-iron:
It looks a smasher in olive green, a veritable two-wheeled Jeep!

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