Yes, Prime Minister

A few loose end from the demise of the UK MC industry. Remember that Matchless from a couple of entries ago? Well there was a little epilogue to that story: in the 80’s one certain Les Harris took a 500cc Rotax single, slotted it into an oil carrying frame, added a few select European components and tried to ply it against the Asian offerings. However the price point couldn’t match the Yamaha SRX single. So out come the Tories extolling British Industry at its best: and who none other than Maggie and Dennis…

Give ‘er a lump of coal and Dennis a stiff drink!
Well move on a decade and the tables turn; in more ways than one: New Labour arrives and our pal Tony get ‘is leg over the smart new Daytona. Smarmy git! Glenda Jackson glowers in the background…


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