Motoworks Chicago

An open evening at the Chicago Triumph dealer Motoworks on south Western. A good chance to see the latest line-up of the superb models available. The Bonneville, Daytona, Tiger, Scrambler, Street Triple… But I was drawn towards the low bar’d and rear set’d Thruxton. It has a delicious sparkly green color with gold stripe. Here are some photos… Enjoy!




Better start saving my pennies!

3 Comments to “Motoworks Chicago”

  1. Now then David..
    Bet that was a good do.. I too love the [sort of BRG] green colour.. it IS really lovely. Tho’ I have to say I’ve gone right off the twins since I found out they’re being made in the Far East now. My local Triumph dealer tried to blow me off with..”don’t be stupid!”..when I asked him. He’s an unpleasant little, I phoned Triumph Newcastle and hey ho!.. made in Thailand for the last year or so..
    Lying bugger eh.. probably won’t want to alienate trad’ Brit buyers, like me/us. Hmmmm
    Still a nasty little sod.
    Funnily enough, the chap I spoke to [at Newcastle] turned out to be the son of the famous Fred Walmsley [he of the G50 racers etc] and Master W told me that the Triumph shop had in stock one of Freds’ own G50 racers, as used by W. Gardiner this past season, yours for the sum of £34k. Cheap then.
    As to saving pennies.. have a look on Mule Motorcycles website at his many Triumph improvements for these very HEAVY twins.. he carves lbs out of them with his parts and such. He has some fabulous modern Bonnie’s on his site to look at. And drool over. I’d just want proper mudguards.. California this most certainly is NOT!
    And on which very subject [?].. I wrote some days ago on your own personal site.. re landscape Architecture and suchlike. Do please reply, it’s a subject which fascinates me.
    On an entirely different matter.. if you are aware of the Jimmy Saville affair [?].. you may know that mental Freddie Starr has been twice arrested now and this very day.. the Gendarmes have gone and collared Jim Davison [comedian.. it says ‘ere.] for the third time. Oh dear ! where will it all end..?

  2. David dear,
    “Awaiting approval”..
    What ! again.. you’ve forgotten me again. And what about the landscaping eh..? Tell me now.. what about that !
    Gawd help us.
    WF x

  3. David dear,
    Since I wrote the above long text, you have replied on many issues.. including Landscape etc. And J Saville. Twat !
    All is forgiven..

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