New Front

A good couple of hours was spent this afternoon reattaching the front end to my bike. The ‘new’ triple tree was threaded back onto the frames head tube, making sure plenty of grease was slathered into the races. Then the fork stanchions slid back up the fork holders. Wheel mounted and a few more bolts tightened. That makes it sound easy but a few reassembly hurdles had to be surmounted.


Just the brake plumbing to finish, test drive double-check connections then the job’s a gud-un! 

One Comment to “New Front”

  1. Er.. what’s going on here..?
    There’s an advert appeared where there used to be none..! Have they sneaked in and sort of appeared or..have you sold your soul son..? Hmmmmm
    Anyway, I was going to say.. the job looks as tho’ it’s going well. So far, so easy. Eh not.
    But, as usual, your Anglo correspondent has a cunning plan.. oh yes !
    What about.. now think about it for a moment.. what about a set of original Thruxton style pipes as fitted to the race Bonnie’s back in the day. Bloody MAGNIFICENT..! So much more cushty and sooooooo elegant compared to say a street Cafe R’ with those bloody awful swept backs’.. IMNVHO.. [sorry..]
    I can’t put it on here I think, but there is a Triumph on a famous UK classic saleroom site with such pipes fitted.. I will try and put it on for you. On the usual e-mail thingy.
    Bonnie race pipes.. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr [a tiger.. geddit !]

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