Gemini Man

By the late seventies, and with the success of Lee Majors in The Six Million Dollar Man, the networks were all jumping on the ‘ordinary superhero’ bandwagon. Some unassuming protagonist is dowsed in either a radioactive ‘elixir’ or rebuilt with means beyond his physical ken. Well NBC in ’76 came up with this gem. The titular character, one Sam Casey, had a handy condition that allowed him to be invisible (including his clothes!) For 15 minutes a day, with a wristwatch countdown controller. If he went over that though he was in danger of becoming permanently invisible. Tsk!

He was a good lookin’ denim wearin’ motorcycle ridin’ bloke, played by Ben Murphy, who got into a scrape or two… At least until the show was canceled nine episodes into its first season. I can just about remember it as a kid escaping into the few episodes that made it across the Pond.


The actor was Ben Murphy and the bike? Why a Triumph of course!



2 Comments to “Gemini Man”

  1. He was a good looking guy indeed, and I didn’t realise it was that long ago.
    Am I right in thinking he was also in a western series with another handsome dude.?
    Could it possibly have been.. something along the lines of.. Smith and Jones.. two outlaws who were really goodies.?
    Let me know what you think.
    Trust you’se are well.. all ok here but suddenly VERY cold.

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