1,000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

eBay is a good location for a spot of restoration research: the seller usually posts numerous detail photos of the motorcycle which can be utilized as excellent reference for assembly or ideas for component setup.


Here’s a cute yellow Cub that is in fairly complete trim. This has been listed with a nice selection of the needed views…


Nice dull gray cases; a patina of oily rag polish.


Bolt patterns, spacers; mounting brackets and cable routing. When parts come loose in a box this is essential information.


Also its good to see the little beating heart in slumbering pose.


The top end showing the arterial oil lines feeding the ready to go moving parts. You can nearly hear the ticking of the valves for this diminutive but doughty motor.


Amal: any British vintage bike owner worth their salt gets to know the needles, screws and orifices of the fuel and air blender. More mounting details are exposed. Gas hose routed from the fuel tank to the carb itself.


Oil feed comes from the small tank, a little peep of the oil hoses and exhaust.


Controls now; throttle, clutch lever and bracing to the nice wide bars. Lemondrop tank tarts up the deal.


Triple tree, headlight ears and handlebar mount clamps.


Front and rear for the laced hoops of the wheels. Knobbly rubber to offer grip over tarmac and gravel. One of my next tasks is relacing, so seeing the spoke pattern is handy.


As we’ve said before: the whole is greater than the parts.

3 Comments to “1,000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle”

  1. It’s a good job we’re NOT all the same.. one man’s cute is another man’s.. crap!
    Bike is fine, oily-rag is fine.. it all looks of-a-piece.. grand.
    But David son.. that colour scheme is berluddy vile ! lol!! Just awful..
    So when you come to finalise yours, perhaps use this as the starting point for mechanically sorted and shockingly bad taste..
    NO taste.. a wasp no less !
    Your idea of GREEN seems better by the minute. [And it was my idea also..]
    Hey ho..
    Grey, cold and looking like rain here.. rubbish. Arizona.. you’ll have to tell me about it, was it a holiday.? I AM intrigued..
    And.. why do Yanks insist on calling Fork Yokes.. top and bottom.. Triple Tree’s.. there ARE 3 holes [triple.?] but where does the tree bit come in.. trust them to make it difficult/different. And trust me to be “Old world/Empire superior/cleversh*t.!
    Hey ho..

    • No yellow for me sir! It reminds me of AA or BT vans. Doesn’t go with black on a bike with either… No. It’s the mechanical references I’m more interested in. Triple Tree must be a Milwaukee thing… Harley Dee all the way. They must whittle their forks out of trunks perhaps… Getting the right green will be a challenge too, not necessarily racing green… Though that’s a ways off. I’ll email about the AZ trip under separate cover.

  2. Green..
    Check out Mini Coopers in 60’s period.
    They used a mega colour combo.. Almond Green for the body with Old English White for the roof.. Lovely.. timeless.. berluddy magnificent Stacks of photo’s on’t t’internet to help visualise
    The Almond Green was a lovely mid green shade.. flat NOT metallic.. and the OEW was just short of a very pale cream, and again, flat paint..killer combo..
    BMC offered for the MGB roadster.. a similar green with a white hard-top.. another mega combo. But really for the MGB, red with a white roof was the thing, same as the works cars. I had a red roadster for a [very] short while in the mid 70’s.. it had a fabric roof.
    It had to go.. that pesky stern railway driver father again.!!
    But I replaced it with a B GT.. nice one. and had it for some years.. it took me the length and breadth of the UK and NEVER ailled a thing or ever let me down.. and it was driven swiftly, cos’ I fancied myself as.. erm.. swift. [so much NICER than fast.. don’t you think.?]
    Have a great WE.

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