A seemingly endless collection of classic Triumphs has just been revealed by US collector Robert Sullivan representing a near-perfect history of the British marque’s Meriden production.

The 98-strong fleet contains 26 variants of the TR6 Trophy, 43 different models of the T120 Bonneville; and covers models from every production year between 1936 and 1972.

Built up over the past 21 years it contains a bevy of both original and rare models, including the Tiger, Speed Twin, Trophy and Bonneville.


The collection is recorded in the book: “Ultimate Triumph Collection: One Mans Obsession” Wolfgang Publications.


I wouldn’t know where to start looking… ’57 Thunderbird, ’68 Bonnie….. Or which one to ride!

One Comment to “Obsession”

  1. Whoa David..
    Where to start.. that is stunning. Well actually it is mind boggling.
    I’ll stick to just one or two..
    A just post-war 500 GP racer. Only because it is delicious.. tho’ I’ve NO idea what I might do with it.?
    And.. a 1972/73 model 500 TR5T Adventurer.. because although it was “too little, too late”.. it nevertheless, in American hands performed a heroic rearguard action for the dying Meriden business. What if.. and if only.. were never better unanswered where this jewel is concerned. For my money.. the factory’s BEST bike post-war. Period.
    Happy days.

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