How to haul a pair of dirt bikes seventies style…Mk III Ford Cortina.


The Kawasaki’s are ready for rural green lane shenanigans. Might need some heavier rear shocks there Harry!


Growing up my pa had a yellow Mk 3. Banana yellow at that! I remember the center console eight-track playing a Simon & Garfunkel cartridge.


One Comment to “Cortina”

  1. Whoa..
    Lord, that takes me back. My very first car was a Mk1 Cortina.. in 1971[ish].
    The car here with the bikes looks like a top spec Ghia,, every rep’s dream back. Unquestionably, the 3 series BMW of its’ day, even if it couldn’t go like one.
    I had the estate version of this yellow one,, the Coke bottle shape, and very good it was too, Tho’ very unlucky. It was wrecked outside our house on a thro’ road, when an old boy driving past the house, waved at his pal, and promptly rear-ended the Ford.
    It was a bit sad really, he didn’t have a belt on, he wasn’t a pretty site, my then wife brought him in to the house while we waited for the ambulance. And I got the cars apart, to keep the road clear, and then the Police arrived and the fun started,
    Nice people, lovely house, nice area.. wounded old man, two wrecked cars. You’d have thought we were the local drug lords.!

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