Forty spokes, forty nipples (yes the wee things that screw onto the spoke providing tension), an alloy rim and a freshly axle’d hub. I have good photos of the left and right side lacing patterns too.


One side done – second effort after not getting the right cross pattern. When turned over it starts to untangle like a wiry spider…

Deliberate care with getting the correct length and inside and outside line set. On the brake side each repeats every fourth hole, with the dimple aimed appropriately, and cross spokes back six holes.


Then on the other side each also every fourth but the cross spokes back ten holes…

Nip the spokes hand tight and basic stability is attained.

Now to True…. Removing hop and wobble!

2 Comments to “Laced”

  1. And sooner you than me Cus..
    That is a fiendishly complicated job to do.
    There used to be an old boy here at home who’d go into the local motorcycle shop and build wheels for them as required.. I’ve watched him many a time. I never could get it.. It’s not unlike complicated knotting.. knit one, pearl one.. don’t ask!
    Good man you, well done.
    Trust the weather is a bit kinder.

    • Weather is hobbling along; still cold-ish with a mix of dusty snow laid down over frozen icy hard pack. I’ve been down a couple of times…
      The wheel was tricky as the more spokes you add the trickier it is to ‘thread’, and if you keep them too loose some fall out again especially on the non brake side where the spoke s hook into a slot.
      Need to build a truing stand now a commence getting ‘er into plumb.
      Hope all is well in realm of Cumbria.

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