Glendale Bikers

A fantastic image was unearthed today courtesy of Tom Day showing a gathering of a local motorcycle club in the market town of Wooler in North Northumberland (where I grew up).

Taken in about ’51 or ’52 it captures the youth of the day admiring their motos and talking biking. Mostly a bunch of BSA ZB31’s; the sporty 350 single of the day. A couple of postwar Norton 16H’s may be there too. I’m told one of the lads may be my brother-in-law’s father. To be confirmed by the man himself…

Here’s a clean example of this BSA in modern technicolor.

5 Comments to “Glendale Bikers”

  1. Wonderful evocative image GB….you obviously have some great connections to trawl/provide these beaut images…! I see there’s also what looks like a pre-war bike in the foreground, obscured by the (petrol bowser?) sign, with girder forks; sprung seat and hardtail rear end…. Interestingly that bike and the one at far right aren’t running headlights…something that would get you in big trouble these days.
    Evokes a different time to be sure….{:–)>. Cheers, Les

  2. What ho Cus..
    I was going to reply earlier.. something came up. When I now arrive.. someone has beaten me to it,! Cheek !! lol.
    Great photo of the bike club..
    I think the bikes without headlights may well have been “Trials” bikes.. a more rural than urban scene even then and of course the “Clubman” scene was all the rage.? Hence G.Duke and others and the Gold Star walkover also known as the Clubmans TT.
    I wrote t’other day about my Uncle who survived the war as a DS.. when he was de-mobbed the family [Farmers..] bought him a BSA exactly as the one in your photo.. that green is, to me, a superb colour for what was in period a grand bike. I was always a fan of BSA singles.. and this one is no less lovely.
    At home throughout the early /mid 50’s the bike club met at our house for a fry-up supper before heading off to some village hall for the dancing. To a small boy this was SOOOOOO EXCITING.. big fit farm lads and such who’d play and fling us about.. happy days indeed.
    Years later, I told Bill Lomas about all this and the arguments about who was best.. Duke/Lomas etc.. and that was my entree to his world.

  3. Hi Guys. Sorry I beat you to responding about this image Bill, but hopefully you’ll forgive me as I have a BSA 500 single. {:–)> Out of curiosity I just took a Google Street View “ride” up Wooler’s High Street, and found the railings at the spot in the Market Place (corner of Ramsey’s Lane and High Street) where that 50’s pic was taken. Would be cool to get any survivors of that group to recreate the pic with some period BSAs…. Cheers, Les

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