‘Ives, what do you call a mole in Scotland?”


“A mole.”
A neat tee! Army green ready to tunnel with the best of ’em and pound your baseball on the cooler wall. Triumph name too. Waiting for more reasonable Target prices. Sixty bucks for a T-shirt IS a bit steep!

2 Comments to “‘Ives, what do you call a mole in Scotland?””

  1. What ho m’dear..
    Ordinarily I have no comments on your sartorial adventures, [and.. I have seen.. the shirts.!] but.. in this instance I MUST speak.!
    The T is fine.. the colour is most excellent.. if it only said Triumph it would be EPIC and utterly desirable.. even at $60 [it’s only £40 FGS.. what’s the matter with you.. have you been away so long you have forgotten the value of real money.!! ?]
    However, it says other stuff, very gurly stuff and as such it is beyond the pale.. vulgar, tasteless, overpriced tat, designed to fill the McQueen family coffers no doubt and make that fat scion even fatter..
    Don’t do it. Trust me on this.

  2. Amen…I really like Hawaiian shirts, however T’s are different, and should be ultra-succinct to be cool, so I’m with WF on this. Cheers, L

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