ISDT ’64


Fifty Years Ago…

Photo of USA Team Triumph Riders #278 – Steve McQueen and #276 – Cliff Coleman at the International Six Day Trials. Usually this event is seen in black and white but these images in living Kodachrome give this a vigor that feels younger than the half century of time passed. The Triumph Trophy #278 itself is at Johnson Motors in California.

Here’s the bike post trials… All photos by François Gragnon

2 Comments to “ISDT ’64”

  1. Wooooooah.!
    The upper photo is a very famous picture and often used. The thing I’ve noticed is not “Mr Cool”.. but the young guy walking/stalking past.. the look on his face is fabulous.!
    However, what surprised me is the boys footwear.? In what was a famously “clarty” event.. the boy is wearing sandals.? Boys eh.?
    Looking at him, I would guess that he would be 14 ish give or take.. so that then would be my age now. And I can recall all this so clearly.. just like the music of the day.. lol.!
    Thanks for this.. I just love stuff with real men on ISDT type bikes.. fabulous.
    How’s the hand.. better I hope.. more to the point perhaps.. how is the moggy.? Still breathing I wonder.? LOL.!!
    Regards ever

    • The hand is healing well Bill. Seeing the orthopedic surgeon for follow up on Monday; stitches out I hope then physio for rehab. Gotta get my clutch hand ready for spring! I also love those evocative images of the racing, especially when you see the day to day ‘background’ with what people wear, hairstyles, cars. Crunchie day here and guess what? Yup it’s snowing. Just a light dusty one, but that covers the icy rainfall from yesterday… Need my old trusty crampons… But my father ebayed them a few years back…
      Take care then pal! Dave

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