Braw brae


Here are a few photographs showing modern trials riders clambering up the wet and rocky footpaths above Kinlochleven. They are all on Triumph Cubs and look as though they are enjoying the outing. I have trekked many a mile up the Scottish bens on foot but would love to experience these ways aboard an old trials moto.

Cloudy skies typical of Scottish weather don’t dampen spirits here. I can smell the heather clad slopes from here and the salty air drifting up  from the loch beyond.

The images are really giving me some inspiration for my own Triumph Cub trials motorcycle currently in the works. Though I would wear more period garb: such as army boots, cotton twill trousers tied up at the ankles, wool shirt, leather riding gloves and a flat cap. Although the cap me have to be swapped out for a tidy white open face brimm’d helmet. Waxed leggings and jacket obviously optional for typical ‘fair droukit’ Scottish weather.

2 Comments to “Braw brae”

  1. Geeeeeeeeeeeeeeertcha BIG gurls blouse.!!
    Tiger trials.. fabulous ! I envy you in a way.. [I have ZERO mechanical skills for a build..sadly.. twas ever thus]
    But, dear one..
    Wooly riding kit, ex-army blousons, gaiters, onandonandon.. are you MAd.?
    Are you determined to look like COCO the clown, wherever you turn out/turn up.??
    No of course not..
    Join the big lads.
    Get some PROPER modern riding gear, it doesn’t have to be covered in logo’s and stuff.. and the best from Sammy Miller [other providers are equally available..] is available in the States too, or by direct mail order.. and modern decent boots.. ESSENTIAL.! Old stuff leads to soaked feet and Trench foot and other nice things.. you have been warned.!!
    Yer big daft lass.?
    Old bikes in a modern way and MODERN riding kit looks fabulous.. every one of the photo’s above is most excellent and looks terrific in the ancient setting. No 155 IS superb. And your idea is to do this looking like a cast-out from Dad’s army..?
    Get a berluddy grip.. lol.!
    How’s the hand.?
    How’s the Cat.? Still breathing..
    As a wild animal keeper of some renown.. I do hope that if Sylvester is still with you.. at the first opportunity, you took it by the neck, showed it the wound, and then skelped its arse.! Otherwise, I fear that as an animal, it will/might think it has carte-blanche to strike again.?
    And we wouldn’t want that.! eh not.?
    Think of madame..
    Trust all are well
    As ever, best regards

  2. And whilst you have a moment, if I haven’t already told you this.. have a shufty at a UK site.. D&C Classics.. a lovely guy in Yorkshire who restores Triumph TR5T Trophy’s but.. equally.. prepares superb Triumph twins for pre-65 type trials.
    Do have a look at his.. “stock list”.

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